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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2007

Hi Guys,
Sue and I have started initial preparations for the 2007 British V8 Meet. I was unsure where to base it but several factors developed in the last few days:
1) A new Comfort Inn is being built right up the road. It will be finished in Jan. 2007, so should be very receptive to having our group there and furnish good rates.
2)I talked to the Madison Village administrator. Turns out he owns a side business sponsoring drag racing events around the county and also drives a Pro-stock pickup truck in NHRA competition. He was VERY receptive to having the meet in Madison.
3) The lady who co-owns the Nelsons Ledges Road Race course was also very receptive to having some of our crowd at the track. She will be finalizing her "fun day" schedule sometime in November, so the meet date won't be set until shortly after that.
4) Sue's sister is a police officer with contacts at the local community college, who has a very large packing lot about 100 feet from the hotel. She may be able to get the lot for the autocross.
5) Madison is right in the middle of Ohio wine country and there are about ten wineries within 5 miles of the Comfort Inn. One of the largest has expressed interest in letting us have a gathering there and another nearby winery just opened a banquet facility.
6) A local business who does both powder coating and thermal coatings (pistons, cylinder heads etc.)is interested in having us over for a tour.
7) My place is less than a mile from the Comfort Inn. The garage has a lift and 3200 square feet, so would serve well for tech sessions and any needed repairs.
8) Cleveland is very easy access. To get to the Rock and Roll Museum for instance is three turns and 30 minutes from the hotel.
That all said, it looks like the meet will be in Madison. I will post updates.
Kurt Schley

Sign me up!

rick ingram

Kurt, I'll be there, Sounds Great!

Steve Carrick

Sure gives me something to look forward to! And on a personal note, being right at my back door is a real plus!
The other Mike M
Mike Maloney


Sounds like a blast, sign me up too !!! :)

See you in TN


Pete Mantell

Hey Kurt,
is this the Madison that is about halfway between Cleveland and Ashtabula, south side of Lake Erie?
If so I might beable to make this one. Any idea what the dates might be?
Christoper Trace

Kurt, Sign me up for sure.Maybe we can drag Yobi out for that one! Mike
Mike Moor

Hi, Kurt & Sue, Count me in, too! See you all soon.
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

Woohooo! Did someone say racing?!

I'll sleep in the barn. ;)
Carl Floyd

I'll be there for sure....if I survive British V8 2006....and Madison is only 60 miles from home as the crow flies.
Unfortunately I drive an MG and not a crow, so it will take 4 hours driving since someone put a damn big lake between Ontario and Ohio.
......the cheque's in the mail already!
Graham Creswick

Thank you all for the positive comments!!!!
Christopher - That is the correct Madison. Dates will not be set until I find out available dates at Nelsons Ledges track.
Mike - Yobi better be there. On a quiet day he could probably hear us at Nelsons Ledges from his front porch.
Graham - 120 psi in the tires and a running start should get you directly across Lake Erie before the water reaches the bottom of the doors.
Kurt Schley

We have a Madison in Ca. and it's very close to me, how about it? Same name. We have hundreds of wineries in the area and some are world award wining wineneries.
We also have confort inn, Holiday inn etc. and California Speedway is only 1 hr away from my house, also Pomona drag strip etc. It's not a bad drive from there to here.

Well.... I guess I will start planning for 07 perhaps some day it will be held in Ca.
For now count me in. Maybe my blown 3.4 V6 will be ready by then.
Bill Guzman

Kurt & Sue,

Thanks for hosting. I plan to be there. See ya in

Al Wulf

Madison, Georgia would be closer approx 40 miles for me, but I will definately try and bring the Silver Lady in 2007. Yahoo tells me it is close to 800 miles and 11 hours, but being there will be worth it.
Mike Cook
Mike Cook

Mike, Madison OH is only 2688 miles from Ca.

I thank you Kurt & Sue for all of the work you will be doing to put such an event. I will be planing on attending the event of the year in 07 and yes will see you in TN.
Bill Guzman


800 miles and 11 hours in Silver Lady will be a piece of cake for you! I'm willing to bet that it won;t even take you 11 hours!

rick ingram

Sounds good Kurt. I made a couple of trips up to Nelson Ledges as pit crew for the 24hr race, been a few years back. Hope they've resurfaced the track since then, it was, er, "challenging" back when it had several different overlapping layers with widely varying characteristics. Hopefully they were able to widen it just a tad in spots too.

But hey, it's a neat course and I'd love to take the MG out on it. We'll be planning for it.
Jim Blackwood

Jim - I was told by the owners when I talked to them last week that the track has been completely resurfaced and the entire racetrack and grounds updated.
Kurt Schley

Only a 7 1/2 hour run from!
Michael S. Domanowski

Jim Blackwood

Took the words right outa my mouth, Jim! :)
Carl Floyd
Jim Blackwood

Jim Blackwood

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