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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2008

This keeps getting archived....let's keep it live!

I got my hotel room reserved today (1/4/08)...but don't procrastinate much longer if you're wanting to attend and stay at the host hotel!





GROUP 2008"

This is an extremely busy time for tourism. The whole southeastern part of Wisconsin fills up with reservations so book early.

The Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman at Road America, Elkhart Lake will be held Thursday-Sunday July 17-20. Elkhart Lake is about 18 miles from Port Washington, WI.

An Auto-cross event

A fun rally through beautiful Kettle Moraine Areas (the rolling hills left by the melting of the glaciers). There will be no gravel roads in the course layout.

Time spent at the beautiful Road America Race Track at
Elkhart Lake.

Trip to the EAA AIRVENTURE MUSEUM in Oshkosh, WI.

Gathering at the Schils Home in Fredonia for food, fun, music and Gemuetlichkeit.

For Golfers: Many awesome courses are located in this area. The PGA Senior Open was just held at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan.

For Bicycle riders: There is a 29 mile interurban trail located in the Port Washington area. Bike rentals are available.

For Fishermen: Charters or pier fishing on Lake Michigan.

Garden Walks Kohler Co. Showroom Tours Cheese Sampling Tech Sessions
rick ingram

Bumped to the top to save the thread.

Safety Faster

Pete Mantell

Seems as though the theads on this BBS get dropped rather wuickly, doesn't it?!?!?!


rick ingram

Thats because it is actually moderated by the NAMGBR executive.
Kurt Schley

I submitted the dates to see if I can get the time off from work.
Once I receive the official okay, I'll add it to my schedule.

Bruce Wyckoff

Got my room today. They seemed to have rooms available.


rick ingram

Some business thing always seems to get in the way of these gatherings for me. I guess I'll just have to quit work.
Kelly Combes

That's why I wasn't there last year....and was sweating/still might be sweating getting there this year!

I need to retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rick ingram

rick ingram

I put in for the vacation time yesterday, we'll see if it's approved. Then I just have to get final approval from the wife, that might be the hard part. ;-)
Bill Young

Do you have your room reserved, Bill? If not, "git 'er done!"... You can always cancel if needed...
rick ingram

We (wife and I, girl friend is going to stay home:-)) have rooms for the event.
I need a flyer, if there is one. I would like to mail a flyer to all of our customers, if there is one, if not then I will....send the post in this forum.

Your help would be greatly appreciated Mr Ingram.
Bill Guzman


I talked to Paul and Mary Saturday. They will have the details finalized soon and will publish them on the British V8 web site. I will work with them to put a flyer together if needed.
Dan Masters

No flyer that I am aware of at this time........rick
rick ingram

OK I will make one with a V6 on the flyer.:-)
Bill Guzman

really bill it should not have a 6 or 8 on the event flyer as the actual name of the event has neither in it, just mg conversion. fwiw, jim
james madson

rick ingram

Good point James ! I will just put a V6 somewhere and see how many peole can find it. LOL

Do not laugh so hard Rick, my lap top is rocking.
Bill Guzman

rick ingram

bump to the top
rick ingram

So....what is the weather like in WI in the month July?
Bill Guzman

The weather is very enjoyable...but it *can* be hot....60*F to 80*F with a chance of rain.....Very similar to michigan summers.

Bring a spring jacket (ok...this would also be known as your winter jacket to you california folks) for the evenings.

rick ingram

Rick, Winter jacket in Ca means you put on a shirt with collar and long sleeves. Ca. shirt is a T shirt.

Dress pants means anything that is not shorts. When attending church, weadings and funerals, we wear socks,loafers dress shoes, long pants or dress shorts (regular pants converted to shorts) and a shirt with a collar and short sleeves. When the weather gets below 60 > 50 we then stay inside, if hotter than 80 we stay inside or go to the movies to enjoy the AC.

Insurance companies ask you if you drive in the rain in Ca. if we do, rates go up. If we go to the mountains to see the rare snow, we need a special waiver from the insurance company.

Work? We only work when the weatehr is perfect 95% of the time.
I am wearing shorts, Ca. shirt, listing to oldies music and ready to go back to the garage after this brake is over (lunch). forecast for today 68-73 strong winds 3 to 5 mph cloudy, 3 white clouds and 4 darks ones. After 7 pm temps will drop to 55, you gess it right I am closing the garage door. After dinner back to the garage wearing shorts and Ca winter jacket.

I hope it gets better, this winters are getting to me.
Summer will be here soon temps will be about 65 in the evenings and 75 during the day, in ocasions a rare 85,90 yes time to close the garage go out to dinner (AC) and a movie, YES !! AC. an occasional fire here and there with ligth ashes over the region, Fires are hard to forecast. May have a small earthquake here and there, also hard to forecast, but they do raise your awereness, some people have been known to increae the size of their eyes and very strange things happen to them, they want to sell their properties at a loss and move to the mid west, I guess Tornados are not bad. We had ONE here in our county, not a big deal in Ca.
LOL :-)
Bill Guzman

"..or dress shorts (regular pants converted to shorts)"

Subdivision shorts! Not me! :)
Carl Floyd

Back to the top Rick!!!
Bill Guzman

Registration form and a "rough" schedule of events should now be available at

You can also contact Paul Schils at or myself at to get these documents e-mailed to you.

rick ingram

Here's the direct link to the registration form and agenda.....

rick ingram

I spent a year in LA once, it's funny how fast you get acclimatized, start grabbing the heavy coat for rain clouds and 65 degree weather. Then I spent a lifetime in Toledo one winter. Funny how that one nice day when they flung open the shop door was all it took for me to bolt.

You guys crack me up!

Jim Blackwood

Back up to the top!
rick ingram

I hadn't read this in a while... it's hilarious!

Got my room a while back. Now just need to get the car done! Getting close to taking it to a paint shop... gave up on the idea of painting it myself -- out of time!

Rob Ficalora

For those of you who have never visited Wisconsin, I highly suggest that you try the ubiquitous CHEESE CURDS. Guaranteed to make your mouth water and your cholesterol levels rise! (Lipitor recommended!)

And of course, visit Siebkens Bar in Elkhart Lake. It's much like the cartoon characterization in the attachment to this post!

A visit to this gallery in the old train depot is definitely recommended:

Check out her automotive artwork in the above's even better in person! Kelly is a very talented artist...and an amazing indivual as well!

Seeya in Wisconsin!


rick ingram

Bump. :-)
D M Tetlow

Thanks for the bump! See you in Wisconsin!
rick ingram

We are looking forward to it.
If I don't get some insurance for the trip soon it may be in a hired car though!!!
D M Tetlow

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer.

Just finished reading Peter Egan's column in Road & Track. What about extending an invitation to him to attend the meet, he does live in Wisconsin and I think would be interested in the cars and people.

What do you think Paul?

R. Woodley
Richard Woodley

It would be great to have Peter Egan there...wonder if he would give my car a "Side Glance"?!

rick ingram

I don't have a V8 but will help bump this to the top for you.
Actually I have a 61 Olds F-85 with the 215 setting in a field in Kansas. I work in the home refinancing industry right now and work is slow, so I can't afford to do the conversion yet. Someday!!!!!!
Kenneth Thompson

Thanks, any pics of your F-85?
rick ingram

Contrary to my wishes, Sue and I will not be at the V8 meet. I just had my fourth open-heart valve job and that ate up all my vacation from work. (I know, I know, I used the same excuse last year.) Sue has convinced me to drop heart operations as a hobby, so we will definitely be at the 2009 meet. I hope everyone has a great time in Wisconsin!!!!!
Kurt Schley

Here's to a speedy recovery, Kurt!
rick ingram


Hope you're feeling better. You did get the high performance hi-rev valve job, right?!

Time off without pay, maybe?
Carl Floyd

Kurt...Sue can still come!


rick ingram

Just realised I havn't registered yet.

How should I get funds to Paul?

I assume a British cheque is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Is it possible to use Paypal or Visa?

I am in Ottawa at the moment sorting the marriage licence out ready for our flying visit between MG2008 and British V8 2008.

D M Tetlow

I'm not sure about the PayPal route with this British V8 Paul Schils at: Paul and Mary are the coordinators of this year's event.


rick ingram

kelly stevenson

Kelly Combes

Rick, could you send me Pauls phone # again!!!

Bill Guzman

Bill..I've been on the road (and still am), but I will find it and get it to you....rick
rick ingram

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