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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 Convention 2002

V8 enthusiasts:

Who's gonna be there? I am, fer sure. Anyone else? Looks like Steve and his pals have put together a nice event for us, 'twould be a shame to miss it. Lots of folks registered already.

For event details, see

See you there!
Dan Masters

I know of three driving from Colorado from the Denver area and Boulder. If there are others please Email me.
We're looking forward to all of the events and we're especially interested in seeing your newly completed GT-V8.

Al Wulf

Oh yeah!

I wouldn't miss it for the world. Get to visit with our V8 Fraternity Brothers, meet some new faces, and have a blast.

Can't get off work maybe next year. I'm very disappointed!
Michael S. Domanowski

Sue and I are heading out Wednesday afternoon.Was going to put a new engine together, but decided to leave the old one in for the meet. 1) If I blow it up at the Grattan track on Thursday it would be much better than demo'ing a new mill. 2) The smoke will keep all the mosquitos away. The rear axle seal on one side decided to start leaking last weekend. Will be having a long night of it tonight putting in new seals and new brakes while I am at it. Really looking forward to seeing all of you!!
Kurt Schley

Barring no catastrophes this week *knock on wood* I'm Definitely driving over from Metro Detroit!

A word of caution: Watch out for traffic on i-96 between Lansing and Grand rapids, last I checked, there were about 28 miles of sheer hell. Plan some extra time to get through there, it's NOT going to be fun.....


Murphy's law struck me as well.The cooling fan motor started squealing Sunday.After not finding a new one of the same size,I disassembled the old one.The bearings were fine,but one permanent magnet had come loose and hit the armature.Thanks to Mr. JB Weld!Fixed and cooling again.Bill Yobi and I will be in Wendsday late. Gearheads unite, Mike
Mike Moor

I'll be there Thursday night. 3 or 4
other members of the Windsor-Detroit
MG Club will be there, also. I'm anxious
to see everyone. The v8's have come a
long way since the first MG V8 Meet in
St. Louis back in 1997. Brett Shelley
and I from W-DMGC attended that one!
Hey, Justin, I've seen your comments on
the BBS. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
I'll be in a yellow 1980 MGB.
Regards, Jack Renaud
John Renaud

It's looking like work commitments may not let me get there till Late Friday or Saturday am, but my car is pretty easy to spot. It's deep burgundy with matching paited rubber bumpers, and a michigan license plate that says "SINGLE" Ah the spoils of youth.... ;)


p.s. Maybe it's a little late in the game to ask this question, but why is this happening on a Thurs/Fri/Sat as opposed to Fri/Sat/Sun?

Can't make it this year, not enough vacation days left.
I know its early, but any thoughts on where next years is going to be? Maybe I can talk Cindy into it for our 20 year anniversary trip! Well........ maybe not, I'd better make it two seperate vacations!


bill jacobson

Sadly I will miss this years meet also, work, divorce, etc.And damn,now it appears that my fears of getting parked next to Bill's unbelievable car were unwarranted! Although it sounds as though there are plenty of new cars on the road that will wow the crowd now.Carl with a V8 on a road course?Could be trouble.I really wanted to see how the Ford revolution has evolved too,guess I'll need a stroker to keep up with the Jones's these days.So I guess there will be just the one purple car this year Mike.As for next year, I understand that the hills of New England are great in the fall.....
Dale Spooner

I think I'm going to make it. Car's painted, (by a blind man in the dark ;) and there are lots of parts to put back on, and I may not have tags on it, but I think I can do it.

Can I get directions from Cincinnati? Also somebody said there was a company parking lot nearby where I could park the RV, Anyone know where that is?

Jim Blackwood

I'll be there, track, and autocross of course. I think this may be the best meet yet!

Hey Dale,
I don't want to be the only Ford in the bunch, Come on out and play!!!!! OH, Mike's car won't be the only PURPLE one there. Looking forward to some FUN and a fuw surprises!!!!!!! steve
Steve Carrick

Lets see if I can finish this without getting booted for the 3rd time.Steve I forgot you were purple too,but don't worry,it'll grow on you!Really wanted to check out your car,I had my drool guard ready and everything.Particularly interested in your tranny setup,my T5 wants in.Guess I'll have to wait til next year.Are you gonna give the "King of the Autocross" (aka Bill Yobi) a run?And have I mentioned how nice it is in New England in the fall yet??
Dale Spooner

Sounds like we might have a volunteer!!

bill jacobson

hey guys

A couple years ago at these conventions they would do a video tour of the cars with the owners talking about them, showing unique features on the car. Any chance this could be done again and make copies of these videos available for those of us unfortunate enough that we are unable to attend
Greg Fast

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