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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 Newsletter

The May-August 2002 issue of the newsletter is now online at:

Or, if you want to go directly to the download:

Remember, this is a LARGE file (2.2MB), and it takes a long time to download with no indication that it is being downloaded if you're using MSIE. I have tested both of these links, and they are both working.

Printed copies will be going out in the mail today and tomorrow - as fast as I can fold, assemble, staple, label, and stamp them.


Dan Masters

Nice job on the newsletter, and thank you for the article on my MGAV8.
Lyle Jacobson

I have been trying to reach you through email for about a month. I need to update my subcribtion of your newletter. Please write me and let me know where to mail the check to. Thanks alot.
Samy Cuzmar

Dan, if you can accept subscription payments made with Paypal it might help in terms of generating revenue. There might even be a way to set up a payment per download, which seems reasonable if the transaction fees didn't eat up all the payment. If it's not being done already I'm sure some magazine will be doing it soon. Anyway, the newsletter looks great! Keep up the good work.
Jim Blackwood


Allowing the free .pdf downloads should be a good business promotion. Prior to this, I didn't seem to make the time to subscribe, but now I'm hooked. I'll look up the info, and be sending you money.

Personally, I prefer to just download, because I can print to a Canon color copier (and the color in the last issues obviously makes it a more attractive product). If it saves substantial costs for people to download instead of you printing and distributing, maybe you could have a 2 tier subscription price. I'm fairly ignorant on bandwidth costs.

Apologies in advance if you've covered this on your site; I always seem to get diverted to the pictures on the V8 pages!

Nice job, and thanks.

Steve Watson



Just got a chance to download & read the latest newsletter.

Again, a great job. Color photo's add a lot. Good selection of articles.

Please remove my name from the mail out list, I would rather just download. Let me know when my subscription runs out. I will renew, but continue to download rather than receive hard copy. That should help a little on expenses.

Safety Faster-

Jim Stuart

Hiya Dan

Got my hard copy a couple days ago, just downloaded the PDF. Once again, excellent work.

greg fast

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