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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Camshaft Distributor Drive Gear

Working on a 4.0 with 3.5 ancillaries (includes Hotwire EFI)with a 215 front cover/uprated oil pump; my oil pump gears have the slot in the shaft. Cannot use the 3.5 distributor without modification now and feel I'd be better off with a newer dizzy.
1. If I go with a Buick dizzy, do I need to change the camshaft gear that drives this dizzy?
2. Without breaking the bank; what are some of the prefered dizzy/ignition setups on a EFI. I've read some of the archieves but see nothing that distinguishes between carb and efi?

Your opinions are welcomed.

Change the oil pump shaft & gear to a Rover, that way it will mate to the Rover dizzy.

Alternately, use a Buick dizzy, which would be my choice, as the cap, rotor, & pointsare the same as early small block Chevy, very cheap & available.
Jim Stuart

Hal - I don't disagree with Jim's preference but it is easy to convert the drive shaft - you might ask Rimmers

for the end of dizzy coupling and pin you need.

I have stayed with the 3.5 dizzy because the parts will be available longest.

Good wishes


RPI if Rimmers get stuck.

I have used the Buick dizzy in all my conv. the parts are easy to get & you can get elect. ing. to drop right in. (pertronics & lumminition) The 215 dizzy has a very good adv. curve for power & fule mileage. I have rebuilt a lot of the G.M. 215 dizzys & played with the rover & the rover dose not have enough advance & the curve is to late. I fell I can go faster for the buck with the stock buick. & to change the buick drive over to the rover drive, all you have to do is drill the rool pin hole that holds the drive on the buick dizzy & away you go.
Glenn Towery

Thanks all for comments, the one thing that hasn't been addressed is the actual gear on the nose of the camshaft. I'm talking about the gear that turns the dizzy, which turns the oil pump shaft. Since I haven't seen/heard any reference to this gear ever needing to be changed, then can I assume that they are all the same regardless the dizzy used?
If this be the case has anyone then had experience with mating a new drive dog (gear on dizzy)to the older gear drive on the camshaft?


Hal - Your last - yes - none of it is difficult - email Rimmers.

Tha cam gear & dizzy gears are the same & I have seen them mixed matched back & forth from buick to rover.
Glenn Towery

I'm adding to this thread since this is a related question.
I have a Land Rover with an early Rover V-8 engine. After many problems with wear in the dizzy drive I finaly discovered that I had the wrong gear on the camshaft - no oil distribution grove. I fitted the right gear but there is still no oil coming through the key-way. What are the bets - wrong camshaft or something blocking the oil-way further back?

I've heard of fitting an exturnal oil line direct from oil pump to a hole drilled in the timing cover. Does anyone have an opinion on this option or have instructions on how to do it?



I've read little on adding the external oil feed pipe. Would like to know more should you find out. I did, however; follow Hardcastles advice and drilled a hole in the lifter galley (leads to the distribuotr, detailed in his book). This is supposed to aide in the lack of oil in that area. I'm not sure how it gets there since I understand the engine gets mounted cantered back?

Good luck, and keep me posted.

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