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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Car identity

15 years ago i bought my first factory v8. The car was very rusty and was stripped and the rotten shell disposed of. Gradually i have sold most of the parts but still am the registered keeper and have the V5 documents.
Anyone building an MGB GT V8 could use the identity and re create the car.
Just wondered if it would be legal to sell the identity with chassis and number plates with the few parts that I have left.
Seems a shame to declare the vehicle scrapped.
It was a loveley dark green colour with beige interior.
Any thoughts?

M Rawlins

If I remember right DVLA have a points system and you loose points for different body, engine, tranmission, suspension etc.
I would say the legal answer would be you could not sell with the intention of "re badging another car" or if you were to go down the new shell, engine etc them you would be issued with one of those nice "Q" plates.

I maybe wrong so you could check with DVLA

Steve Danson


Sureley if you used an identical body and all components then no points would be lost.
I think the rules apply to using different type of components (not original design).
Otherwise anyone fitting a recon engine, gearbox or back axle would eventually end up on a Q plate.

M Rawlins

>>>wondered if it would be legal to sell the identity with chassis and number plates with the few parts that I have left."

==== yes of course, the responsibility to comply with any rules or laws lies entirely with the buyer :-)
But it is customary to advertise it all as 'memorabilia or a basis for a restoration' to avoid possible accusation of being an accessory if the buyer did something untoward later...
David Smith

"Registering a rebuilt vehicle, kit car and kit conversion:

"If you are rebuilding a vehicle, or building a vehicle from a kit or kit conversion, it will need to meet certain criteria before the vehicle can be registered. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) local office will assign the original or an appropriate registration mark on the evidence provided.

"Vehicles that have been rebuilt using a mix of new or used parts:

"In order to retain the original registration mark:

"cars and car-derived vans must use:
The original unmodified chassis or unaltered bodyshell (i.e. body and chassis as one unit - monocoque); or a new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original supported by evidence from the dealer or manufacturer (e.g. receipt).

"And two other major components from the original vehicle - ie suspension (front & back); steering assembly; axles (both); transmission or engine.

"If a second-hand chassis or monocoque bodyshell is used a car must pass an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) and light goods vans must have a enhanced single vehicle approval (ESVA) or single vehicle approval (SVA) test after which a "Q" prefix registration number will be allocated."

As the major running-gear components seem to have been disposed of, even with a new body from BMIHT you would probably end up with it Q-plated if you followed the rules.
Paul Hunt

Thanks Paul. I was pretty sure I was correct but could not guarentee
It is a fair point if you sell you are not liable so I would say sell it Mark and let the buyer decide how they want to proceed

Steve Danson

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