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I have a Rover 3.5 bored out +.20, Isky Racing Cam and a Edelbrock 500 carb. I seem to have a black wet substance coating the insides of the tail pipes. I believe this to be excess fuel. My question is should I re-jet? I donít want to sacrifice top end power, or any power at all for that matter, and if that is just a side effect of driving a modified engine then I will have to live with it.
My driving habits are fairly conservative (except when I take it to the drags) and the odd blast on the highway when the Police arenít around. It doesnít take very lone to go from 50MPh (local sped limit) to 80MPH, which would be a dandy ticket.

A couple of thoughts...
Check the spark plugs for colur (they should be a light tan colour). This may indicated a rich mixture.
Place a piece of paper towel over the end of the echaust for a few moments at idle. Does it smell like fuel?
Is the choke on the carb cutting out as it should? Sometimes a sticking choke will dump in fuel after it is needed to warm up the engine.
What is the fuel consumption? If there is a tell tale of wet exhaust from extra fuel the economy will be attrocious.
HTH, Cheers, Pete.
Peter Thomas

Ok, I have had a couple of days to check it out. I checked #1 and #2 plugs, a nice tan colour
Placing paper towel over the exhaust didnít produce any fuel smell on the paper towel.
I never use the choke, but will check it tomorrow just to be sure.

Fuel consumption is 15.5mpg.



From what you maentioned it may be simply moisture vapours from the exhaust condensing there since all the other suggetions seem to say the car is running normally.
By the way is the ckoke as it should be?
Cheers, Pete, Queensland, Australia.
Peter Thomas

Yes I did check the choke. And it is fine, not stuck or any thing. I have been monitoring my mileage and the second tank (this driving season) is a steady 15.5. I am doing a lot of short trips to work this year and that might account for it. This weekend ( a long weekend in CDN) I am off on a 600 mile drive so will keep track of the gas mileage and get back to you next week. But your right, the car is running great. Thanks for the input.

Bruce, Have a great trip and enjoy the long week end.
Safety Fast, Pete.
Peter Thomas

I haven't seen light tan tail pipes on any of my cars since lead free fuel was mandated, so it may be normal to have sooty tail pipes.
George B.

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