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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Changing the clutch w/o removing the motor?

I have a Rover V8 backed up by your basic Rover 5-speed trans. Everything is in the standard conversion location.

I need to change the clutch. How can I do so without pulling out the motor? ... I don't have an engine hoist.
Darren Stiles

HAH fat chance! I've done it on a B 4 cylinder, and it was a miserable job. I don't think there's any way it'll happen with a V8. Go to your local rental place and rent an engine hoist. Local place to me wants about $50.00 for a day with an engine hoist. I can yank a drive line in under 2 hours, and have it back in the car with the new clutch the same day.

Save yourself the misery and rent a hoist and do it properly.


It's certainly possible. Glen Towery just changed my clutch and did a while-we're-at-it of lightening the flywheel three weeks ago, in exactly this way. He probably has more sophisticated wrenching chops than most of us, but it can indeed be done. I imagine there's some swearing and some encouragement, BFH-wise, though.

Based on how my tranny fits in my tunnel the only way woudl be at least disconnecting the tranny cross member and motor form the chassis and at least moveing the engine up and forward. there is just not enough room to move the trany back and disengage the input shaft and pull the pressure plate off.

Not that it can;t be done, but I don't see it being any easier, in fact much harder..
Larry Embrey

Yes it can be done!!!! & I have done them with the chrome or rubber bumper. You have to rotate the trans. around (clock wise) about a 1/4 turn & it is very TIGHT!!!! I look for the marks were it rubbed & work it over with a rubber tire change hammer, were it will go together a bit faster. It's not that bad of a job to do.
Glenn Towery

Skins up my knuckles and smashes my fingertips just thinking about it!!
Joe Ullman

Sounds like witch craft to me...
Anthony Morgan

Might be better to buy your self a folding hoist. Over here they are about $220 new. Will be always handy
for those every days tasks such as lifting a Keg of beer into the back of your MG without straining your back (it's important to look after your health you know)

Not to mention scratching the paint under there.

You could just remove the engine and leave the transmission in the car, YES?
Marc Judson

Bin dun.
Paul Hunt

Might be fairly difficult gettin all the bolts off between the tranny and the engine like that though Marc, being in the tunnel and all. I can't say I know from experience though.

Anthony Morgan

yeah if pulling the motor then might as well release the tranny k member and pull the entire thing!! It is only 2-4 mor bolts depending on how it is installed.. and a HECK of allot easier than trying to unhook/rehook a clutch assembly without breaking something due to improper line up..
Larry Embrey

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