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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Chassis Design Book- Any Suggestions?

As I get more into this conversion, I reliaze that many fundamental chassis parameters are affected. Since it is not my intent to create an ill handling monster, I am looking for either literature or software to upgrade my education and aid in design. Any suggestions welcome. Sources for purchase would also be welcome.

Pete 67gt & pile of 302 conversion.

I recommend "How to make your car handle" by Fred Puhn HP Books which very cleary explains the theory and very well illustrates the practice of automotive chassis and suspension design. John Bourke put me on to it and I have his copy to hand which he will no doubt remember very shortly!!
Bob Hemingway


Thanks for the answer. I believe I will be off to chapters to order a copy. Too bad amazon takes a month to reach canada!


Another set of books that might be helpfull:

Tune to Win
Perform to Win
Engineer to Win

by Carrol Smith.
James D.

Several of my favorites:
Race Car Engineering and Mechanics by Van Valkenburgh.
Winning, A Race Driver's Handbook by Geo. Anderson.
Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook by Vic Elford.
The 'To Win' series by Smith (already mentioned, worth listing again).

Obviously, some of the driver's guides don't deal with the engineering of suspensions but are very valuable from the standpoint of understanding the principles of suspension design as they apply to tuning and operating high performance automobiles. AD
Art Dodge

Just back from another outstanding MGV8 Convention. Ted Lathrop did a session on suspensions. He stated that he reads all he can on the subject and recommends "Chassis Engineering" by Herb Adams.

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