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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Cheap reprogramable EFI without airflow meter. Australia

Here's one for any Australians,
I have been talking to a Guy who puts the computers from a Holden Camera(I'm not sure of the spelling) onto Rover Motors. There are others in NSW's and Queensland who also do this. Apparently the main advantage of doing this is that the chips are reprogamable and he'll sell you an "MG chip" for about $50. Other advantages are that Holden Camera, computers are very cheap, and that the system does not use an airflow meter, which is expensive and susceptible to backfire damage (so I've been told). Has anyone tried this approach? I would be very interested to know what they think of it. It seems to good to be true.

Also since the Camera used to use the L-jetronic system (just like the one in Rovers) it's also likely that some parts are interchangable, and being Holden are likley to be much cheaper.


There is an Australian forum called Performance Forums you may want to check.

The forums are for a variety of cars of differing makes, models and ages so the chances of mods on a Camira getting a mention are pretty high.

Also the Autospeed website may provide a lead or two.

Performance Forums:

Cheers, Pete, Queensland.
Peter Thomas

You may want to check out this system
It's a DIY EFI kit, The kit is $200 USD. I have my kit, but haven't assembled it.

After I get mine running with a Holley, i'll be switching to EFI
Michael Hartwig

Err sorry, that's $100 USD for a kit. Can't beat that price.
Michael Hartwig

For all you "foreigners" out there, the Holden Camira was a GM rebadged Isuzu car about 2 litres.
Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

The megasquirt is a good option which is just now maturing to a really usable level. Cost of the most recent group buy (now closed) was $120 US. Improvements have been made. It can be run as a MAP system meaning no airflow meter, and can in fact run on as little as a vacuum connection and a tach lead, though most practical apps will need cold start and other functions. It will interface with a wideband o2 sensor, also available as a kit. Currently it is set up as a batch fire system. Ideal for TPI or a 4 cylinder but will run a V8 as well. It's big brother, the efi332 is a more sophisticated project which has successfully run EDIS. Adding a drive board to it gives full sequential capability.

The downside? (You knew there was one right?) These controllers are not as mature as the OEM units and therefore lack many things (some good, some not so good). For one, they do not have the proven reliability you would want in your daily driver. I'm not saying they're unreliable but they haven't proven it yet. Anyway, I put my name on the buy list so that's my endorsement.
Jim Blackwood

being something of a control freak I'm mightly attracted to the entire "build it, adjust it, yourself" concept of the megasquirt. I'm also mightly attracted to the low price. However the car is to be a daily driver and Jim's comment has me worried.
At the moment the shear cheapness and simplicity of the Camira (thanks Barrie) notion is attractive. About $150 gets it done. Basicly the computers and bits can be got off a wreck very cheaply, there's thousands of them, the Camira has been around a while. I'm going to dredge through the site Peter mentioned. While I was making enquires re:costs of Camira parts at Car Wreckers/breakers they seemed to be quite familiar with the concept, so it must not be uncommon. I would be nice to get some feed back re: application to Rover motors on this though.

Are you on the Yahoo group Jim? I don't actively follow the list, but I haven't heard of any failures yet. Some are building kits to put in rally cars. But like you said it's too new to really tell.

For those interested, check out the yahoo group
The user base is doing some amazing things with it, and Bruce and Al are still working hard.

Some items to note:
Megajolt: Direct ignition unit
Magaview: LCD display for the Megasquirt. (Similar to the one on the Wolf3d for those down under)
Possible Wide band O2 sensor support with the DIY-WB kit.
It's all under development, but progressing fairly quickly.

I'm excited! :)

He he Jim, EFI332, there are what? 4-5 units actually running? I think they were talking about a next generation unit, but I don't think it went anywhere with the megasquirt here.

If you get a MS assembled Jim, I have a fuel map for a Rover 3.5 from the Wolf3d computer we used to have. It
should be a good starting point for the MS.
Michael Hartwig

Sounds interesting Micheal. Not sure what's the current status of the efi332. They seem to have lost some steam. Just to be clear, I've not heard of any MS failures either, and they are getting better very fast. The real advantage is that the code is all open source so there's no guessing about what does what like with the OEM boxes. And there's some excess capacity built in for those unique uses everyone has. I'd recommend the next group buy, as it will be maturing nicely by then. It's not a big step from the megajolt to full sequential injection. Oh, and yes I do participate in several efi groups, though I tend to lose track of who is where.
Jim Blackwood

Peter, One other item for your consideration is reprogramming and upgrading the standard GM Delco Camira unit will be easier and cheaper here since they are plentiful and well know in that area.
Peter Thomas

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