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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Check out this MGB V8!!

Pretty slick eh? I like that its a 1964 GT, must be a pre-production car with reverse lights and the abingdon pillow dash conversion. Theres a link at the bottom to request a video of the car, Id love to see it actually have to use the wheelie bars.

1967 was the first year for backup lights, & I believe, the MGBGT. I doubt that this is a pre-production car as it is left hand drive. How it got a 1964 title is anybodies guess.
Jim Stuart

Yeah I know, was just being facetious (sp?). '65 was the first year for the GT, no reverse lights on those early ones.

VIN # says it's a '68 as do the pics.

That's what I was looking to do with a GT, though I would have put the 351W in as I am a Ford guy, have one already, and already know how to install them...

Larry Embrey

Larry, move the 351 back a little and you would have room for a couple of hairdriers on there! That would be one hell of a ride!
G.P. Copes

As if traction wouldn't a problem already!!

Wayne Pearson


The link below show backup lights (reversing lights) and the MGB GT as being introduced in Sept. '65 for the '66 model year.

Thanks for the link, I stand corrected.

I believe that the reversing lamp info is incorrect.

3-4/1967: Reverse lamps standard, I believe.

His VIN numbers are wrong,too.

"September 1965 1966 model year. The elegant GT was unveiled (first production GHD3-71933). Reversing lamps standard (tourer 100414, GT 1016928)."

100XXX cars were started in late '66.


I have passed on that idea. I do in fact have a couple of hair driers and a 351, but they are going int a 1979 Fiarmont 4door. Just made more sense since the car had a V8 option and it is a bolt in type install..

The GT would have taken TONS of mods and lots more $$ than I have available!!
Larry Embrey


I believe that you & Jim are correct on the backup lights. I have been looking at pics of 65-66 MGBs. I don't see any that have 'em ('cept my Dad's '63 and I remember him adding them in the late 60s)

The link I posted mentions "Clausager's list". I wonder if his list gives the same info.

Clausager sez:

Start of GT production, RHD chassis number 71933 in Sep 75, LHD 73163 Nov65.

Reversing lights fitted as standard from roadster chassis number 100016 (intermittent), 100414 (all) in Mar 67 and GT 16928(sic) in Apr 67. I'm guessing the '16928' should really read '116928' as he also mentions changes to GT chassis 116440 in Feb 67 and 125374 in Apr 67.

He doesn't mention 'model years' until Nov 68 (69 model year) i.e. 12 months after the introduction of the Mk II in Nov/Dec 67.
Paul Hunt

I have a 67 BGT # GHD3L109659 & I don't have backup lights (sorry, reversing lamps).
I always thought that they were standard on the GHD4 cars produced in late 67 & on.
Dwight McClain

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