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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Clutching at straws

I am using a toyota subra gearbox in my V8 conversion and have gotten around to thinking about the flywheel clutch question. My motor is from a Range Rover and these larger clutches don't fit the Dello adapter (is this true?). Rover manual flywheels are hard to find and those that have them are well aware of their rarity/value (local wrecker wants $300). Can I use a Leyland P76 flywheel?. What does it cost to machine a RangeRover flywheel appropriatly? May be even use the entire master and slave clutch set up as well. The Subra/MG master slave clutch combo is a heavy one and would be hard work in peakhour (for my straw like legs).
Has anyone tried this or any other combinations of clutch components with the subra gearbox to make it easier? I was thinking of using a brake booster in the clutch hydrolic line, has anyone tried this?, which brand/type is best?

PS. Off the subject, I ordered up a manifold from Clive Wheatley last night as many here have advised me to do, he was very helpful. Manifolds, downpipes plus "Y section" join all in stainless as well as the oilpump and filter heads for 580 pounds, delivered to my door, very good value I think.

I have the Clive Wheatley stainless tubular manifolds plus all the bits you are getting. I also bought the plenum to install SUs as per factory. I was very pleased. I met the man in his 'shop' 2 years ago I walked away qith quite a few toys.
Ian Buckley

Peter, the P76 flywheel will not fit the Rover crank. If you can get one to look at,take the dimensions from it & have a Range Rover flywheel machined to the same dimensions.I paid about $60 to have one skimmed & drilled. Take your intended clutch pressure plate to the machinist to use as a pattern for drilling & tapping the fixing holes. The original fixing holes will disappear with the skimming.From memory ,it was about 3/8"-1/2" that was skimmed off the face. The MGB V8 w'shop man. supplement gives the flywheel specs. The Dellow bell housing is designed to use the Toyota slave cylinder. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Barrie, thanks for your reply however
I havn't come accross the V8 manual yet(I'm sure it exists). Can you or anyone give an idea of what the fly wheel should idealy weigh, spec's etc. The only discussion of this in the archive I've found so far concerned various american cars, oldsmobil ect..
In the mean time I'll go with your 3 to 4 eights of an inch, how ever it seems an awfull lot.

RPI quote 31 lb for the standard flywheel and 28 lb for a lightened version ( If you need any specific dimensions drop me an email.
Pete Green

Peter, the only Rover V8 manual cars imported to Aussie were the 3500S. There weren't many & they're quite collectable now ,so you won't see many in wreckers, yards. If you think that is a lot of metal to get rid of ,wait until you see a Range Rover flywheel & feel the weight of it ! Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

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