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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Complete rebuilt 215 & G.M. 5 sp.

I know this is not the place to put an add, BUT I do not have time to mess with all the questons from the general public. I have a RUNNING 75 B that has a rebuilt Buick 215 motor & trans with 3k miles on it & I am going to pull it out & put in a 4.2 rover with rover 5sp. It has a 2brl. carb., petronix, remote oil filter,motor mts.,hugger headers,sng. exhaust system,water pump & fan, G.M. 85 amp. alt., flywheel,clutch,pressure plate T.O.B. V-8 T-5 with .63 O.D., drive shaft, trans. crossmember. I am selling it ALL AS ONE PACKAGE!!! $6,000. firm. Come & go for a ride in it & thin we will pull it AL OUT & you can have it all to put in your car. I have a good running Buick 215 motor that we built in 86, with 125k miles on it now (does not use oil) & I put lifters in it at 75k. Has a ported set of heads. I ran the car & this is a good strong motor. Will have dizzy, heater valve, 400 carter afb,stock G.M. intake, water pump & fan,motor mts. remote oil filter.The only thing is does not have is the flywheel & clutch. I can send pics. $1,500. firm. If you can E-mail me a ph# & time to call you (in the U.S.) if you need more info. I am VERY SLOW on this puter (no can type) Glenn Towery 302-734-1243 9-1 est
Glenn Towery

Glenn, Are you coming to Twist's show this year?
Steve Carrick

Steve, is that you???? It's been WAY to long Steve. If someone buys this packsge, I will drop it off to them on the way to or from your show & I will be at your show. SO if you need me to drop this off from the east coast to Ill. I can do.
Glenn Towery

Sounds like the makings of another good V8 convention. =)

The last I checked there were five V8's regeistered.

rick ingram

At $2.60 a gal. the HIGH TEST V-8 will stay home & the 4 cyl. with GOOD A.C. @ 30 mpg. will go to the show!!!!!
Glenn Towery

Tune up that ROVER ---I get better mileage with my Ford !!
Good to see you on the board--my 4 cyl that I bought from you 5years ago still purrs like a kitten but gets 2nd fiddle position behind the V8 now
All the best
Gil Price

Come on Glenn I get over 30MPG with my V8 on the highway at 80 MPH.
Michael S. Domanowski

perhaps there will be a very strong contingent of V8 conversions in attendence. i plan to drive up in the 5.0 EFI car for my 2nd long distance shakedown. had to purchase a wiper blade refill on way home from Terre Haute,the "glitch". don't know if i can stand any more problems! Ha! runs on unleaded reg also.
kelly stevenson

Come on Glenn, drive the V8. High test is only 2.97 here in Michigan!!! Besides, we've never lined them up for a little drag race!!!!! :))))) Barney wants to show you what real power is all about
Steve Carrick

$2.97 a gal. NOT ME!!!!! I can do 23-25 with the 4.9/ high test & 25 to 28 with the 4.2 on 87oct & 30mpg on 87 with my with real cool A/C 4 cyl. & I say to he-- with the oil co. I have gone WAY BACK to my Triumph M/C that gives me 50 + mpg. After 34 years, it starts first kick & it sounds as good as a V-8! It's sad when you put $7.50 of 87 oct. in a M/C. Times have changed. You guys have fun, I will stay in the shop & my gas funs in MY pocket. Next year maby. Glenn
Glenn Towery

I'd like petrol at $2.97/gal.........
its 3 times that in the UK at present.....
Chris Cooper

After all this talk about gas I wonder if I should stop using hi-test in my 3.9 rover with 262 isky cam, 1404 edelbrock carb, 9.3 pistons, buick stock intake. About 180 hp. It sounds like I have been wasting my money for the last three years. So if anyone can advise me other wise I will start using regular at the next fillup. Denny

Use the cheapest stuff that doesn't ping. If it pings just a smidge, ease off the gas or back off the timing a tad.
Carl Floyd

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