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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Composite inlet manifold gasket


I'm just about to fit a composite inlet manifold gasket (valley gasket?) and would like to know if I should be using some sort of sealant, or just fit the gasket dry? Never used one of these before!!

Colin M...........

C E Muir

I used a little silicon on mine. Ultra grey.

Always used them dry, never a problem. Just a bit of sealer under the rubber ends.


Thanks for the help

Colin M........
C E Muir

When I rebuilt my engine I used the composite gasket but found that the end seals prevented the gasket from seating properly and was advised to leave them out.This leaves a gap at each end, you can either cut off the ends of each of the seals and silicone them in place, make sure the block is very clean and they will stay in place, alternatively you can just plug the ends with silicone. Another tip i was given was to put some large flat washers between the bolt heads and the clamps otherwise they have a tendency to roll off the edge and do not clamp the gasket to the block.

K.R Jackson

I have had very good success with the "right stuff" sealant here. It provides a very tight seal. Of course that means the valley pan is not reusable, but I consider that an acceptable cost.

Jim Blackwood

This thread was discussed on 23/02/2005

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