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Is there a source where a person can purchase a "kit" that contains all of the necessary parts needed to install a Buick 215 into an MGB, or must one purchase the individual parts separately?

Ray Smith
Ray Smith


come to the dark side ray, go 60 degree v6, easier, cheaper and newer technology, just my two cents.
jim m

Most of the V8 conversion people will sell you all that you need, Glenn Towery who often helps people on this site ,for example. The thing is that it seems that just about every one does this conversion a little differently and so there can't be a Kit.
There are a variety of choices to be made which I think is a good thing because you get the car that best suits you. Rubber bumper or chrome, EFI or carbies, bonnet(hood) bulge or no bonnet bulge,which gearbox do you favour, which radiator,fan in front or behind radiator,electric or mechanical fan, which engine mounts, what kind of extractors etc..etc..
Maybe trawl through the archives under "Buick" and see what comes up? Best of luck.


If you consider a V6, Contact Bill Guzman, as he sells a pkg. His pkg is not complete, but has the major parts. The misc stuff is pretty much available thru Glen Towery or Dan at D&D. A lot of the parts are also used on the Rover / Buick swap. The Chevy swap, 2.8, 3.1 or 3.4 is much easier though. There is a 3.4 crate engine available for about $1800 and you are talking about a new engine with a larger cam etc. Good luck wtth your decision.

Thanks to all for their input. It is nice to find a group of guys who are to share their knowledge with a "newbie".


Ray Smith

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