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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Costello frt end??

hello., I need your help. I bought a 67 BGT in 1999 with the intent of finishing a V8 converson. long story short I didnt, still have the car and it has a Costello front end, upper and lower control arms and Bilistion? shocks., has any one else heard of these and should I sell them.? all comments welcome.thanks kevin

the shocks mentiond are BILSTEIN shocks out of the Ron Hopkinson suspension/V8 handling kit.
Thiese shocks had produced in Germany for this kit an are race aproved throughout.
If you will continue your project once, and believe me, many of these projekts last for a decade or longer, you will be VERY satisfied with this setup.
I would not sell them.

Frontline front end, ally made, Bilstein shocks.

....Don't think the Frontline kit was around in 99. Is it the one with the Bilstein Coilovers?

Very nice setup that :)
Stuart Robson

Kevin, I may know the car you have, and if it is indeed the one for sale around that time in the KC area you had a big project, but the parts were top rate. Don't separate the components unless you plan on restoring the car to original spec, they add value to the car as a V8 project. Like Ralph, I encourage you to get involved with the car again, it's very rewarding in the end. Plenty of moral and technical support here on the board and also here locally in the KC area.
Bill Young

Thanks guys for the replies. The kit looks like the one that Michael from France posted but in red and has Costello on it.
Yes Bill, this is "that" car from the KC all Brit show. I do like the set up but have never seen another like it that is this old? were there more or just one of Robin and Kens "one off???
any way thanks again, maybe I will just keep it.

Ken Costello had this kit available from *about* 1996...I don't believe that too many were sold, especially here in the States.

Ken attended British V8 2005 in Terre Haute, IN....and is planning on being in Tennessee for British V8 2006 in Townsend and in Gatlinburg for MG 2006.

rick ingram

1995 when I bought mine in the uk the only diference between the stock and the costello is that costellos replaces the shock. it works....ok shock is not calibrated for mg.
i used it in my race car
racer boy

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