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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Cross member difference

Does anyone know what the difference is between a right drive and a left hand drive crossmember? I just imported a "1975 factory V8" and the crossmember is nasty and I have a rubber bumper LEFT HAND DRIVE crossmember that I would like to powder coat and install, but the factory parts book lists 2 different numbers for the rubber bumper cars


When I did my RHD CB conversion I used an ex US LHD RB crossmember. The mounting brackets for the rack were different lengths. I am unsure now which side it was, but one side of the rack would have been further forward than the other.

I cut the top of the bracket off, which includes the trapped nuts and shortened it slightly, before welding it back on. Then the rack is 'parallel' to the cross member.

I hope that makes sense!

Ian Buckley

There is no difference in the crossmembers at all.
If one mounting was longer then it is probable that it had been either modified, or poorly repaired previously.
I have restored both types.
Les Cole


The MG parts book lists 2 numbers for V8 & Rubber bumper cars BHH803 RHD and BHH804 LHD ?????

I am not sure if it is the same for both CB and RB but my understanding is that the LHD and RHD cross members look identical but are not. The difference is in the rack mountings. These mountings are not symmetrical around the centre line of the cross member. But the difference is very minor. LHD and RHD cross members are in effect mirror images of each other. If you use the wrong cross member the shaft from the rack will not line up properly with the column.
David Witham

See my earlier contribution.

Now that my rack is 'equally' mounted on the RB cross member the pinion passes perfectly through the engine mount.

That would not have been the case had I not changed the rack mount on one side to ensure the rack was parallel with the crossmember.
Ian Buckley

If you are converting to LHD use your LHD cross and matching rack. If you are staying RHD, fix the RHD cross and or alter the LHD mounts. As previously stated, racks are not symetrical and as such LHD/RHD crossmembers are mounted different to compensate.

If you go down this route I would suggest that you familiarise yourself with the pinion alignment procedure and ensure the rack remains paralell with the crossmember, easliy done but easily forgotten.


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