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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Cruise control?

Hi guys,
I noticed at the 2004 V8 conversion convention that a
couple of you had cruise control, at the time I never
thought to ask. I'm plannig putting cruise in my Brit
Rod this winter and would appriceate some imput on different makes and installation problems that were
Christopher Trace

This is what I did. I now have mounted the controls in the ash tray. It's great for a long drive
Jim Miller

I installed the Ford all electric unit from a '93 Crown Vic along with push buttons and resistors for the controls but it doesn't work yet. Got the wrong transducer for the speedo cable I guess.

Jim Blackwood

You can buy after market "universal" cruise control from a variety of places. I've even seen one in Kmart.
There is a sensor which goes on the tail shaft to detect speed and I'm told the whole deal is quite easy to fit.

I installed an Audiovox Electronic cruise control system that I purchased from J.C. Whitney. The speed is sensed from a magnet installed on the drive shaft. It works extremely well.
Rod Holderbaum

I used the same Audiovox cruise and bought if from Summit racing. I did find that you have to run a relay for the brake cut off to work if you are using the OE brake light switch. If you need a drawing I can send it to you. I have been useing this setup for 17K miles on my MGBV8 EFI with no problems.
Evan Amaya

The Audiovox system doesnít need a speed sensor on the drive shaft if you are using a manual transmission. It picks up the speed off the ignition / tach.

I had a simular problem as Evan when I tried to use LEDs for taillights. The Autiovox cruise control needs to see a brake light circuit to work correctly.
Jim Miller

Hi Evan,
I'm the guy with the red TR6 that was at the meet.
Yes please send me your diagram.

Does the Audiovox installion instructions mention that it needs to connect to a brake light circut or did you find this out as you worked through it?
Thanks to all.
Christopher Trace

Follow the Audiovox directions they are correct except for the dip switch settings which I had to modify. See my web page. The brake light circuit is something I stumbled into. I was playing around with replacing my incandescent brake lights with LESs when I noticed the cruise control quit working. Replaced the LEDs with the original incandescent bulb and the cruise control started working. The Audiovox system must be sensing the connection to ground through the bulbs to know you have the connection correctly made to the brake circuit. I am sure this is a safety system to avoid exciting moments while trying to disengage the cruise control with the brake. To the Audiovox system the LEDs looked like an open circuit or the wire isnít connected to the brake circuit correctly.

The Audiovox / LED issue could be worked around so the system would work properly. I have lost interest in the LED tail light idea for now and will pick it up again when I have the time.
Jim Miller

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