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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - DCOE X 2 / 4 bbl Adapter

I'm intrigued but do not have time to play with it.

This might help.....



You induce bad thoughts in people's minds...

Alexander M

I have a pair of 45DCOE's on the shelf and it's tempting. Too many other variables right now.

Hmmmmmmm, If I could get that hood bulge a little wider.
Kelly Combes

Now a really cool set up would be small side draft Webers on a V8. 4 of them!

Like this, but mentally remove 2 carbs.....
Bill Spohn

Triumph tried different setups with Weber DCOE carbs on their TR8 Ralley cars. In most cases poor distribution was a problem limiting performance with this installstion althoug it looked very good.


GM did it as well with their Corvette Gran Sport race cars in the 60s - very successfully.

I wonder why anyone had problems on the TR8 motor?
Bill Spohn

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