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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - disc brake conversion

Saw this in the MG Technical Bulliten Board. Looks interesting. Would these work without other modifications throughout the braking system? The seller also has a website.

BR Dave

Looks to be well thought out. The price seems fair. I wonder if you could use the Hundyai Sonata rotor with a simple flat braket.The rotor seems to have the right lug pattern and depth to slip over the hub. Those calipers have a built in E-Brake and pull towards the center like the MGB.
JN Jim

The calipers I forgot to mention were Nissan 200SX and 240SX.
JN Jim

If, like me, you hate eBay here is Scarebird's website, which includes a photograph of the MGB setup:-

Nigel Steward

do the nissan 200/240 rotors have same lug pattern as mg?? will they & the calipers clear most 14" wheels??[ mine are 14" american racing wheels] is there a parking brake?? does anyone have any knowledge of the hundyai sonata brakes mentioned above?? any pic's// info on any of this?? thanks...

Yes they have the same lug pattern if 4 lug (later 240SX were 5 lug) and have built in E-brake. The 94-98 Hyundai Sonata rotor is deeper and you could use a flat plate for the caliper mount. I guess you could use the 240SX rotor with a spacer under the hat or a stepped caliper mount.
JN Jim

i've looked over these brackets alot// called scarebird & got some dimentions on the hexagon shaped area.. i need to get under my car & do some lookin /measuring on the ends of my rear... i'm thinkin about getting these & with some simple mods. [hopefully just drilling other holes to bolt up to rear].. mounting them to a dana 44 post office jeep rear... thier ad [scarebird] states this kit will work with rostyle wheels[rostyles ARE 14" right???] the modified mustang 2 [willwood] kit is to dam expensive then theres machine work to do.. this looks like a much simpler & cheaper way to go,,,any thoughts????

Denny, you might have better luck using a Nissan 240SX rotor(89-92 I think)and caliper that has a built in E-brake. Then make a bracket that goes from the axle housing front two backing plate bolts to caliper. The hex pattern on their bracket is for the MGB axle housing.
JN Jim

Sounds like you've done this. I picked up a set of 240sx calipers last year with the intention of doing the rear disc thing but haven't gotten around to it yet. Did you plumb in a proportioning valve? What is your front/rear bias? Does the conversion work well? Any pictures you could send?

Jake, I haven't done it yet, but have checked out HybridZ bulletin board. I found lots of info on Z car brake upgrades there. I am hoping to obtain some rotors and caipers from the junkyard to experiment with. There was a thread that used 85-89 Maxima rear calipers for a flat bracket and better E-brake cable angle also.
JN Jim

Someone in England (Scimitar)has done a rear disk conversion using Honda Legend/Rover 800 rear disks with Audi 80 rear calipers.
JN Jim

I wonder if the Acura Legend stateside has the right lug pattern and I know we had the Audi 80 over here.
JN Jim

I looked up the Acura Legend wheel bolt pattern:4X4.5 same as MGB. So the Legend rotor & Audi caliper is another candidate for a rear disk conversion.
JN Jim

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