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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - distributot swap

Hello all.
I have been told by one "expert" on the west coast i can not use the opus dist. of my sd1 fuel injected engine on my convesion, if this is the case what othe distributor could i use? Also can i eliminate the ballast resistor? as the chevy HEI dist.?

that is distributor not distributot, sorry.

If the distributor is the original, there shouldn't be a reason it won't work. Can't help with the ballast resistor but Mallory make various dual point distributors of which I think only one is suitable. It is the one with vacuum advance and adjustable advance curve. It can easily be identified as it is the only one that has an extension below the drive gear that looks chrome-like and about half an inch long. Don't have a part number, sorry.


From my understanding a stock Buick 215 distributor will work (they are all the same up to the 350 Buick).
If you are not running fuel injection, you may want to check into the BUICK HEI distributor that came in '75 -about 80 Buick 350s. I have several for sale. Also because the coil is in the cap you may have bonnet clearance problems. Glenn Towery uses a Buick point type dizzy with optical firing system, all under the cap.

Options, Options...

I've used the GM HEI unit modified to accept the oil pump drive shaft off of the SD1 Rover (off of a 350 Buick; $25 at a local junkyard). It worked well,but hood clearance was very tight and I had to modify the distributor cap to get it to clear the hood.

I also had to clearance the intake manifold on the number one intake runner flange to clear the distributor. When I switched to fuel injection, the HEI wouldn't clear the plenum with any amount of modification.

I wen't to my local discount auto store and bought a rebuilt points distributor for the 215 Buick, modified it to drive the oil pump, and installed it (less than $30). Works well. I'm going to convert it to a Petronix ignition as soon as I get around to it.
Phil Dooley

Thankyou gents for all your great sugestions.

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