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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Dragon Video

A short low resolution clip of the video Pete Mantell took on the dragon is available at
Jim Miller

The lead car is the V8 of Mike Moor. The car immediately in front of Pete's MGB is my MGC.

I'm having my Dragon poster framed today.

rick ingram
1969 MGC
1978 MGB
1974.5 MGB/GT V8
rick ingram

Thanks for the clip Jim. I got a kick out of seeing the run again. I went back to see the clip again but others seemed to have the same idea.
D Maples

yeah the geocities site is maxxed out. I sent an email off to them, if I can get a copy of the video I will host it on my site BUT NO STREAMING THE VIDEO OFF THE SERVER PLEASE!! :-) That causes INSANE bandwidth usage. Best is to download it and then whatch once done.

I will see if I can write a webpage to automatically download the videos, that would help I think.. I had this problems with my other website and had to shut it down for a few days heh

IF ANYONE has a copy of tyhe video on thier hard-drive, let me know. I may want to have you email it to me so I can host it.
Larry Embrey

OK, I got the video now. I like it. Is there a longer or higher Res version?? HEH,I need more!! GEts me pumped up to get the car back on the road!
Larry Embrey

I have clips in different resolutions including the Dragon and Ford tech session and several shorter clips that are about 2MB in size. All the different clips fit nicely on a CD. I was hoping we could host them on the British V8 page or link to them from the British V8 page. The tape is property of Pete Mantell and I would like his input before I send it out to anyone. The clip on my web page is the lowest resolution I could make in an effort to keep the file size down.

Jim Miller

yeah just let me know. I should be able to host them.

I am running a MGconversions website, and I can link to Dan if he does not haev space. I own my domain and it's server, so I can adjust some bandwidth...

most videos I see online are 3-14mb it seems, I would love a longer but slightly smother clip if that is possible, or many of them...

Thanks, and let me know
Larry Embrey


Thats fine, just let me know who got the copies.


Please let me know when the clips can be viewed on your website.



1969 MGB 302 V8
PJ Mantell

If you can watch this and not get excited, you should sell your MG and buy a minivan. WOW! It's almost like being there. Thanks, Sue! (I can't help but wonder how you managed to do that without getting motion sickness - great job!)

I'd be happy to host any vid clips on the British V8 site. As soon as I can get the next issue of the newsletter out, I'll create a page for the 2003 V8 meet, and link to the clips on there. Or maybe I should creat the 2003 meet website first?

I'm recovering nicely from my tree fall injuries, but I still can't sit at the computer for more than just a few minutes at a time, so the newsletter and the web site or coming along very slowly.
Dan Masters

I couldn't log onto either site to view "The Dragon" video, guess I'll just have to be content viewing myself doing "The Dragon" with Amy Sue screaming and laughing in the passenger seat yelling at me, "slow down before you loose it!"
In reality I only have about the 1st 10 curves on video before Amy got tired of filming and decided to sit back and "enjoy" the ride.
Although I have this on digital video tape it has not yet been transfered to my computer.
Michael S. Domanowski

Jim, I got to see it today,
Thanks it was great!

But why were you guys going so slow??????????
Michael S. Domanowski

This video was shot on the return trip to Townsend. Mike and I agreed to take it "a little easier" as my wife, Jean just about turned green on the way to Deal's Gap (which also means I didn't get as many pics/digital clips as I wanted). This tactic also ended up with us being able to get Pete's wife, Sue to shoot the entire 11 miles on video without getting too queezy from looking through the viewfinder.

I, for one, cannot wait to get back to run it time in my V8!


rick ingram
1969 MGC
1978 MGB
1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
rick ingram

"I, for one, cannot wait to get back to run it time in my V8!"

British V8 2006?
Dan Masters

Dan Masters quips:

"Posted 22 May 2003 at 00:07:36 UK time
Dan Masters, Tennessee, USA,
"I, for one, cannot wait to get back to run it time in my V8!"

British V8 2006?"

I say....WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Dan's arm should be healed by then...and he will be able to show us "flatlanders" how to drive thoe GREAT Smoky Mountain/Appalachian roads!!!!!


rick ingram

Donít know if I can wait till 2006.

It isnít just the Dragon the whole area is a great place to visit.
Jim Miller

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