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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Electronic spark advance setup?

I've owned a GT V8 conversion (CB) for several years now and while I have been able to maintain it pretty well I still feel quite out of touch with modern car technology.

My understanding is that on many carbureted American engines, such as small-block Chevys, people are now using a variable spark advance mechanism something like you get with a computer in an EFI system. I gather you use a 'billet' distributor that has no advance springs or vacuum can; the only advancing and retarding comes from the electronic ignition computer. Can such a rig be used on a BOP/R engine (mine being a Rover 4.2)? Anyone know a brand/part # that accomplishes this?

Check out
I may use their Wofl 3D system. This would give you total control over your engine.

Michael Hartwig

Michael, I took a look at the site you referenced. Without going to fuel injection, which I don't want to bother with, what's the benefit you have in mind of their systems?

Yup, that was a mental mistake. I forgot that the system is an EMU not an ignition module. One thing I noticed from aftermarket ignition units (MSD) is that they do not have the ability to accept MAP inputs. I haven't seen an ignition unit that has that ability yet. That's why i'm looking at EMU's, they have the ability to sense engine load and adjust the timing properly. I'll probably get my engine running with carbs, then buy the Wolf 3d and switch to TBI and direct ignition.
MIchael Hartwig

check out the MSD ignition page. they make an advance "box" which will provide an electronic curve.

Jack Collins

Disregard. The MSD boost timeing master reads manifold pressure to provide retard under boost. It doesn't provide advance under vacuum. Their newest digital ignition feartures programmable advance, but is not load sensing.

Jack Collins

UK MGOC sells a Lumenition Ignition Management System for UKP335 - "Replaces mechanical advance in the distributor by a separate engine management computer providing a 13-point programmable advance curve that accurately optimises timing at 500 rpm intervals."

Paul Hunt

Aldon do a Weber system as well!
Thomas Hardy

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