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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine Mounts

I have A/C type mounting brackets, but I'm unsure as to which way to position rubber mounts (BHH1318)!
When the rubber mount is bolted to the engine mounting bracket, should bolt stud be above the centerline of the rubber mount or below? Thanks....
Greg Lovett

To my cost I found that it is possible to get this wrong with standard factory mounts (I don't immediately recognise A/C) - for several reasons you want the engine as low as poss - so with the stud in the centre of the mount already fixed to the engine - make sure the outboard stud (to be fixed to the chasis) - is above the centre.

Put the narrower of the two mounts on the port side (left looking forward) - so that you have as much room as poss for the starter motor.


PS On completion of fit - lower lid gently !!

Hey Guys,
It is nice to see I have done this the correct way I too found that the rubber engine mounts could go either way around. I used the same logic as Roger to figure the best way.

Clem Spriggs

I always fit the mount so that the outer stud is below the centreline. This is the way the manual and parts list shows it.

Otherwise the studs are too wide to fit in the slots.

Either way up, the metal plate of the mount will rest on the lip of the chassis mounting plate before the stud hits the bottom of the slot.
Chris Betson

On the factory V8 you can also get the plates that fit between rubber mounts and block the wrong way round. They are handed but fit either side. The correct position is the one that puts the engine most rearwards. The wrong way puts the crankshaft pulley very close to the anti-roll bar, and the rear crossmember is also impossible to bolt up without using the front holes one side and the rear holes on the other! Didn't stop a PO leaving mine that way, though.

Paul Hunt

Chris is right that the manual shows that the rubber mounts should be fitted with the stud below the centre line. But Roger mentions a thin mount on the left hand side. I think that he is referring to using the RV8 left hand rubber mount which is around 10mm thinner than the normal V8 part. Using the RV8 mount will set the engine quite a bit lower and offsets it to the left by about 6mm (which improves the gear shift position and increase the clearance to steering column of a LHD car).

I've found that with this arrangement its better to fit the mounts with the stud above the centre line as otherwise the one on the right will hit the bottom of the slot before it can reach the lip of the chassis mounting plate.

Geoff Richmond

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