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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine Swap

I have an '67 MGB-GT (4 cylinder) and I completely renovated the auto and rebuilt the engine, but I'm looking to put in a new engine now for the smoother and more predictable run.

Any thoughts as to where I can locate one that will fit or websites or anything would be great.


there are diferent solutions for an upgrade.

On are some information given upon different engines that were transplanted to the MG B.

Have a look there and you will find out what is on your list tomorrow.



when you say auto do you mean automatic? What driveline are you currently running then? MGB or something else?

Lots of drivelines but the original driveline is very dependable if built right. If reliability is the ONLY reason for a different driveline, then for the most part, its not worth it because the amount of money you will spend to get a Very good conversion will be quite pricey. Making your motor reliable is really quite easy and inexpensive.

Now if your looking for lots more power and a modern driveline, now there is something to say that a conversion would be worth doing.

Converted cars are a blast to drive and when done correct and not try to skimp, are very reliable. Start cutting corners and problems will occur Just like an original motor that has not been properly maintained! Therefore, if this a lack of maintenance and you want to make it more reliable, rethink your direction but if more power and other issues are on your mind too, then conversions are Great.

BTW: There are lots of V6 and V8 conversions to choose from. I am pretty deep into the GM 60 degree V6 conversions because they fit and work correctly with the MGB.

BMC Brian McCullough

I'm thinking that auto = car , not automatic transmission.
rick ingram

Good point Rick.

BMC Brian McCullough

A bit out of date now (hint hint Roger P)
There is no tranny tunnel modifications needed if you use a supra gear box for example or I see no real need to change the diff'. But an excellent guide to what needs to be done.
P.N. Sherman


This book below will help you too:

'How to give your MGB V8 Power' by Roger Williams


Pete Mantell

Welcome to the wonderful world of engine conversions. If you hang around this board long enough you'll get all answers to your questions. Sounds like you know what you want, a relaxed highway cruiser. Either a V6 or V8 will fill the bill there. Either is fairly easy, but the GM V6 sounds a little easier as there's a little less parts chasing necessary. If you find the right donor vehicle most everything you'll need can come from it or with the kits available. has a lot of information on the V6 swap.
Bill Young

The V6 makes purfect sense but after your done with the conversion you'll be standing around saying "I coulda had a V8!". Nothing quite like the raw grunt that comes with the V8 conversion. If you have no specific time line you can save a bunch on the parts you need by being patient and seaching e-bay abd such.
M Mallaby

I dunno I have never gone back to say that with our V6.

Coulda had a flat head ford or a Cadillac Shortstar (V6), Coulda had lots of other stuff that gives more power out of smaller displacement and so on. I bet the flathead ford fits into an MGB real well and I know there are bellhousings for the FHF V8 to connect to the GM T5...

Anybody up for a flat head in their MGB? ;-) Hmm, My uncle has the more powerful Murcury V8 flathead sitting around, wonder if I could 'borrow' it for 10 years or so? (Just toying around with you!)

BMC Brian McCullough

Brian, I bet that would look way cool. Especially with the aftermarket aluminum heads. Should be plenty of power. What's the highest CR you can run in those?


Jim Blackwood

I dunno. I have heard of more then 10 to 1 on a street machine but not sure how well the bottom end woud hold together. If I ever seriously considered a flat head, it would hav to be in an old TD or TC that someone butchered up years ago. I have met and been told about so many of the flathead conversions into T series back in the '50s.. Also didnt help after reading 'The Last Open Road'.

Then thinking a bit further about it, the only way I would put one in is in a way to claim and make it appear that it was done to look exactly like it had been done no later then 1955- maybe stretch that out to 1960.

A few years back at MSRA's back to the 50's weekend, one of the largest car shows on this side of the planet, I met a fellow who was showing his TD with a stove bolt Chevy in it!

BTW: I also met a fellow at MG2001 that was claiming he was installing a GM 60 degree V6 in his T series as well. Never seen or heard of him since then but would love to know how it stands.

BMC Brian McCullough

I wonder if these guys could do the same as this for the MGB or MGA?

Derek Nicholson

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