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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine Swap Questions

Does anyone make an engine swap kit for a 1.8L to a Ford 302? Is anyone done this swap? Of those that have how many are running fuel injection?

Talk to Larry. He'll be here soon enough ... and the whole 302 thing is so cool.

J: I've done some research on it and I might still do it as I already have a motor. For the fuel injection, check out "". They have developed a wiring harness to convert older Mustangs to accept the FI 302 motors. Might be something to use in an MG swap. Bill Guzman is also working on an engine swap kit. Look in the previous posts, there is quite a bit of info and who is doing the swap.
Bob Fish

Bill Guzman has been "working on a swap kit" for as long as anyone remembers. Don't hold your breath!
A. Sceptic

Yeah Bill Guzman, is or will be doing a kit, but he may be a ways off. I know he took his time on the V6 swap, but that is because he makes sure it is done correctly and that install is " a breeze"

My conversion is on hold. I got quite a ways in terms of engine placement and test fitting.

Good news, with a simple crossmember notching a stock 302 with Edelbrock performer intake, holley 600cfm, and std Chrome air cleaner and mallory Unilite distrib, WILL fit under the stock hood without bulges. The only hood work I forsee is removing the structural crossmember as it is exactly on the distrib. Wilwood makes a slave Cyl that "should" allow the use of stock mgb master cyl to run the mustang clutch arm.

Bad news, EFI is to tall (at least the truck one I have. You will have to relieve (with hammer/sledge) the tranny tunnel on driver side. You will have to cut off the stock motor mounts from the frame. I have not done much of anything with the balancer/pully to steering rack clearance, as I do not have my timing cover on the engine yet..

check my website for some pictures..
Larry Embrey

I know painless wirring has come up with a EFI racing wirring kit. For teh EFI how about a cobra lower intake and a downs box upper. The box is lower and is used on some EFI 351 swaps in mustangs. Also thinking of the Roushe 5.0 intake. It has the TB mounted on the front (maybe could use a MGC hood. Just some thoughts. I hope he comes out with a good kit I have time.

Larry, why is your conversion on hold? You have put so much time into this! You need to get it done, I think it will be amazing!

It's al;l about the BENJAMINS Harry, plain and simple.. The greenbacks have left the building, so for now (hopefully short term) she is on hold, and the 4cyl goes back in this weekend.. I miss driving her with nice weather.

By my ballparking I am 1000-1500 away from completion. I am about $2300 (not including underlying repairs that are/were needed regardless of engine is in the car) into it, but truck repairs stole a chunck of change this winter. In fact if not for truck I would have $$ to complete it. Course without the truck repairs I could not have splurged for the 60gal upright air compressor... heh, it is all about the LONG TERM planning hehe by the time I am done I will have my own autoshop, and lots of experience..
Larry Embrey

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