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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine weight

I can sombody help me with the weight of a stock V8 engine and a Rover 5 speed box. I am going to purchase a folding engine crane and as usual it is a trade off.A half ton cranes reach is higher than the one ton ( of the ones I can afford) but the half ton at its full reach can only lift 150KG. Getting ready to fit my V8 appreciate any help.
Michael Black

Hi Mick,
A website detailing the weights and dimensions of a huge range of engines is
and lists the Rover 3500 weight as 318 lbs (141 kgs) without the gearbox for which I am unable to find a weight. Perhaps splitting the two and removing each as separate item is nn alternative or maybe hiring a 1 tonne lift for this one time ? HTH, Pete, Sydney, Australia.
Peter Thomas

Thanks very much for the reply if I get away with putting the engine and gearbox in only once it I will be amazed :-)

Michael Black

Michael,I bought a folding crane 1/2 ton model from Machine Mart and have used it with no problems to fit the V8 engine and box together (on more than one occasion).Kevin.

Peter and others: Here is the new URL for Dave's engine weights:

His main page address is:

Lots of good stuff that he has complied. Met Dave for the first time Thursday when he drove 3 hours to pick up a Buick 300 for a friend. Had a nice visit and would like to add that Dave really knows his engine stuff.
Michael Wish

Thanks Kevin
That sounds like the model I was going to buy
Michael Black

Michael Wish: Thanks for the updated information.
Cheers, Pete, Sydney, Australia.
Peter Thomas

Michael, I have weighed the Rover with bell housing and the T-5 ready to start, comes in at 465 lbs. 30 lbs. lighter that the compareable four cylinder that was removed from the MG.
steve carrick


Did you by any chance weigh your Ford 302 as well? When I weighed my 302/T5, I came up with 509lbs, only 44 more than the Rover, and only 14 pounds more then the stock lump. I wonder how my weights compare with yours, since I weighed mine in pieces using bathroom scales.

When you said "ready to start," I assume that included starter, alternator, headers, etc? ie, 100% ready to run? My Ford weights did include everything.

44 pounds ain't much for what you're getting with the Ford vs the Rover!

DAMN! 375 Hp for only 14 pounds! Whoa baby, I want me some of that!
Dan Masters

Ted and I picked up your 302 on Tuesday and promptly
weighed it. 350 lbs. out of the crate. We will keep
records as we go, when I finally got my engine in my car I was in the middle of moving and didn't write anything down, but I believe it was around 520 lbs without oil and water
Steve Carrick

What are you doing to your 302? 375 is a good shot of power from a 302. Not topped out but not stock either, let me know what parts you are using, (heads, cam, pistons) and I can run it up on desktop dyno to get a good target. I don't think a stock ford MS crate motor can pull that number, the heads and cam are not big enough, but I would like to see so I can modify my motor after the last emissions test...
Larry Embrey

Steve & Dan,
What configuration of parts did you uys get your weights from? Dan you ssaid you weighed piece by piece, was that alum heads, intake and water pump or with old stock iron units like the 70's era motors? Steve you mentioned crate, is that a weight of a Ford MS crate motor with alum heads and no intake? M Alum intake weighs 15lbs, mini starter another 8lbs. Guess a carb in the 10lb range... So say 32lbs then add flywheel, clutch, bellhousing and tranny.

Where do you folks find a place to weigh these big heavy items? my bathroom scale could not handle a motor block..
Larry Embrey


The 375 HP figures steve and I are bandying about come from dyno tests run by Car Craft Magazine. These are actual numbers. This is for a Ford Motorsport GT-40 crate engine - aluminum heads, aluminum water pump, aluminum intake, lightweigh starter, flywheel, etc. - straight from the factory, and a single Road Demon 4bbl carb. Ford advertises the engine at 320 HP with fuel injection.

My total engine weight, weighed in pieces on bathroom scales, came out to be 424 pounds for the engine, and 85 pounds for the T5 tranny and bell housing. That includes starter, exhaust headers, alternator, carburetor, distributor, clutch - everything except oil and water. When I added up my numbers for the engine in the same configuration as Ted and Steve actually weighed, I came out with 345 pounds. The actual weight was 349 according to Ted (Steve rounded off to 350). My figures are off by only 4 pounds! - not too bad, considering I used a Wiand (sp?) water pump instead of the Ford, and a front cover from an earlier model 302. That probably accounts for the difference.

Add the T5 trans and bell housing, clutch, etc, the total weight is 509. Only 14 pounds more than a stock MGB engine/trans.
Dan Masters

The weight is the Ford SVO crate motor that is rated by Ford at 345 hp, Car Craft dynoed it at 375+ hp (like Dan stated) As the motor comes in the crate with alum. heads water pump & cover, flywheel, tin valve covers, it weighs in at 349 lbs. Now, my weight of 520lbs and Dan's of 509lbs may be a difference in starters, intakes, ignitions, valve covers, flywheel and I did have at least 2 quarts in the trans. Both Ted and I have industrial scales on our hoists.
Steve Carrick

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