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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Exhaust Options?

I am pricing the exhaust system and was wondering what people have used for sound and power.
Dual 2" with H pipe, mufflers, Single 2 1/2"?
I want more than a stock muffled sound but not a loud drone on the ears. And, how big can you go until it starts to reduce low end torque? Suggestions?

Bearing in mind you will probably ground on a muffler from time to time and want a stock replacement - why not consider a stainless system. This would have an authentic V8 'tone' once it is run in.

Here we have a choice of the factory system or the RV8 sytem - the latter allows another 5% power.


PS I wonder why your posting did not get a quicker response. There are any number of better qualified people here to answe your question.


I got an RV8 style stainless system from MGBHive, its fairly thin gauge 2"dia, and gives a pleasant burble at cruising speeds, rising to a decent roar at full throttle.....very reasonably priced and highly recommended

M Barnfather

Scott, it's tough to give you a succinct answer to such a broad question. Which engine are your running? Have you already selected headers? The Rv8 system (that Mike suggested) only makes sense if you're running Rv8 headers.

Personally, I converted my car back around '92, before Rv8 headers were available. A friend and I sand-bent a set of tri-Ys that hug the engine. We brought pipe straight back to a cheap pair of Thrush turbos located in "pockets" fabricated under the seats. The piping turns out and dumps just in front of the rear tires. The system was cheap, simple, and light. The problems are (a) the seats get uncomfortably warm in summer (although they're great in winter!) and (b) the areas by the front leaf-spring mounts are rather tight.

Now I'm richer but I have less time. If I were starting from scratch I believe I'd use Rv8 headers, probably center the fuel tank, and plan on Supertrapps on either side. Maybe. I expect my Panhard rod and parking brake cables may be in the way... (and you HAVE to have a Panhard rod.)

I expect a cross-pipe between sides would be too complicated to implement, considering very-low ride height.

I keep hoping someone will post a careful comparison of the different Rv8-style headers. It seems there are many to choose from now. (Quality and features! Some are stainless, have oversize primaries, have slip joints at the collectors, etc.) They're all expensive.

I have 2 cars with the gas tank centered, 2" pipe back from RV8 headders, turbo style mufflers & small resonators tucked up at the back. Nice throuty idle, not so loud that it bothers you on long drives. In theGT with the window up, you really don't hear the exhaust at 70 mph.

In the past, I have had a Falcon SS V8 exhaust, single pipe system, muffler & resonator with block hugger headers. Sounded good, not too loud, but a bit lower than te duals with turbo mufflers, also a fabricated single 2 1/4" system with a larger Borla muffler that I was happy with.

For smaller money & less work,a good single exhaust, 2 1/4" is fine. Although some (Carl)will argue, Flowmaster mufflers are a bit too loud for extended driving.

I really like the sound & look of a dual sytem if it is in your budget. 2" pipe is fine, & RV8 style headders are much better than the old block huggers, the fender cutouts also help with cooling.
Jim Stuart

Hi Curtis, I am considering a system similar to yours but I am a little concerned that with the exhaust exiting so close to the cockpit the noise may get a little tiresome, is this the case?
Incidentally, my car is a Roadster, maybe this is not so much of an issue with a GT.
P O'Neill

I'll soon be at the exhaust system fabrication stage - planning on a 2" dual system with cross-over using block hugger headers. I have custom traction bars and a panhard rod. There doesn't seem to be much room to run pipes over the rear axle, especially with the panhard rod. That are others doing - over or under the rear axle?
Phil O

Hey Pete. Outside of town, I'd be surprised if you'd find side exhaust significantly louder than rear exhaust, but the interesting thing I find is my car seems much louder whenever I'm passing next to a building. The volume inside my car goes up and down as I drive down Main Street.

When I'm outside my car, it doesn't seem particularly loud (compared, for example, to a Harley Davidson) - but the interior is paneled with aluminum (racecar style), so it's pretty loud on the inside. I can't speak to the roadster vs. GT issue other than to say my GT's windows are nearly always down.


I went over the axle with my 2-1/4" single exhaust; that was the popular opinion of the way to go when I asked that question. The installers agreed. I'm putting a panhard rod body bracket on that rear trunk corner. I don't know how your's is set up, but I have about 2-1/2" between that corner and the top of my exhaust pipe, plenty of room for me. As the pipe and body move together, that clearance remains pretty stable, the rod not moving very much at that end.

Best, Joe
Joe Ullman

Thanks Curtis, that's put my mind at rest. I bet the car sounds awesome driving thro' tunnels.
P O'Neill

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