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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Factory V8 indicator flasher unit

I'm trying to replace the indicator flasher unit on my factory V8. Problem is, I can't find the existing one!

My mechanic has helpfully informed me that it resides 'behind the instrument panel'.

Thus far, I've located the hazards flasher (seemingly behind the hazard light switch itself), but no sign of the indicator unit.

Any clues?

TIA. :)
Guy Harper

I had an idea- you could turn on the indicators and feel around under the dashboard for the object which vibrated in time with the 'ticking'.

But then I realised that the reason you're replacing the indicator unit is probably because it doesnt work.


<i><b> In response to: Growler South </b></i>

Very perceptive of you, thanks for your suggestion. ;p

That method, is exactly how I located the hazard flasher unit. :)
Guy Harper

What year is your car? Chrome bumpered ones have the flasher unit above the pedals on the firewall/bulkhead. It is easy to see honest!
I dont know about rubber bumpered cars
Cecil Kimber

Vauxhall are bragging about an indicator unit which clicks more loudly the faster you go. Much more necessary in an MGB, I think. Anyone any idea as to how one is made?

It's a 1973 C/B car. I guess the unit marked 'Lucas flasher' is the one, yeah? :-)

Guess what, replacement fails to cure the broken indicators.

I was hoping not to have to further inspect the wiring, given that the last time I did, I did my back in trying to get under the dashboard. The wiring is a *nightmare*. There isn't an easy way to remove the dash, I guess?

I should stick to motorcycle maintenance. :-/
Guy Harper


Click on this site
then on the left hand side -- spanners -- then on the top -- electrics then turn and hazard signals and all will be explained to you!
Cecil Kimber

Thanks for the tip Cecil. Say hello to John Thornley for me when you see him.


There's an incredible amount of useful info on that site!

Thanks for the pointer Cecil. More experimentation to follow...

This thread was discussed on 22/06/2002

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