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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Factory V8 Wheels

I have a set of Factory V8 Wheels that I need to rebuild. Has anyone ever sucessfully split the hub from the rim and rebuilt them ? Mine have rust on the chrome rims. I know you will need at least aircraft rivets and I assume they will need to be installed 'hot' via a press ?

Strikes me you would *really* need to know what you are doing, and you would *really* need confidence in the suggestions anyone else makes if you intended to use them.
Paul Hunt

That's why I want to know if anyone has been down this road before. I don't want to take any chances either ! It would be a shame to scrap them and just stuff on the usual Mag wheels.

I am pretty sure I remember a short tech tip on this very subject a long time ago in the MGCC V8 Register Workshop Notes series, the gist of which was that it can be done. The Notes are available on CD, see

Clive Wheatley lists reconditioned V8 wheels (at 190...ouch !). This does imply that reconditioning is possible? Clive may volunteer how it's done if you ask nicely... +44-1902-330489
Pete Green

Refurbishing original MGBGT V8 wheels is covered in the MG V8 Register's Workshop Notes Vol 5 Item 195 on Page 167.


1. Split rim and centre
2. Blast centre with suitable media
3. Rub down flat surfaces with 600, 800, 1000 then 1200 grit production paper for as long as you can stand the task!
4. Spray-prime without masking
5. Remove overspray on polished ares with thinners on a rag.
6. Spray with satin black
7. Remover overspray with thinners on a rag. This technique gives a 'softer', tapered edge than masking.
8. Final polishing of alloy with aluminium polish.
9. Have rims rechromed.
10. Re-rivet the rims to the centres.

I suspect that re-riveting is the difficult bit if the rims are to be air-tight to allow use of tubeless tyres.

I suggest asling the MG Car Club for their advice.

Victor Smith [] is the registrar for the MG Car Club V8 Register and might know someone who could help/advise.


Peter Hills

thanks Peter for confirming my memory is not fading yet.....

Thanks for all your help ! I will go read the links and contact Clive and Victor. Regards, Jordan

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