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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fiberglass Roadster Body Mods

The current issue of Kit Car makes reference to Sebring type body mods for roadsters. The front fenders are bolt-on and the rears are bonded and riveted. The kit is out of Missouri. Don't remember the name of the manufacturer, but the kit is being sold through Sprigtech? Does anyone know about this kit and just approximate cost?
Steve M

What body style does this "kit" attach to? Wouldn't it just be easier to either buy a full Sebring kit from either England or Classic Roadsters than to mess with an old car? Or, for that matter, if you wish to play with Lucas wiring, just buy a real 3000. Not, slamming on the idea just not sure of why the trouble using another British Auto to make an AH of approximately the same age. It would seem MGB + Kit + engine mods to keep up with AH = nearly an AH with less true value. I'm not a purist nor am I against kit cars, but resarch this before leaping. The Classic Roadster's is already set up for a V8 and can be built to a nice standard. If you want a car to compete against real Austin Healeys and Cobras, I would go with CR for the money. If you want the best, I would go with one of the firms out of England. If you need their name, let me know.

Luke Staley

I don't believe that this is a rebody. Rather, I think this is just big fender flares.

Luke, I'd bet a paycheck that Steve is talking about Sebring MGs. They raced 'Bs at Sebring and then there were the MGC-GTSs. A regular C-GT except for a VERY modified engine, huge tires, etc. etc., real firebreathers and the holy grail for some MG folks. They had aluminum body panels with big flares on the front and rear fenders, faired in valances, and I'm sure plenty of other mods. I'm sure the kit Steve speaks of is meant to duplicate these flares in appearance.

I don't know anything about Spridgetech's flare kit, but I've seen their fiberglass Bugeye front ends and they look very nice; haven't tried fitting one though.
Wade Check out their body parts section. $695 for the sebring kit.
Shawn Kennedy

Am playing with the idea of a v8 conversion and found a kit I think you may be thinking about.Its called Cal Ace. I found it on kit car .com and I they are in California. It looks like a baby cobra without any flares. Hope this helps. John
John L

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