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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fiero Seats in MGB

I have heard that you folks put Fiero Seats into your modified V8 rides. I have a set of light gray seats, not tears or rips, clean with speakers in the the headrests, wiring and frame rails $150 plus shipping.
Curt Hunter

the gm van - the long nosed swoopy one has seats that do very nicely and almost bolt in. check it out
Barry Parkinson

Barry - do you know which gm van and if these will fit in a MK1 mg? The fiero seats, I have heard, will not.

David A.

The chevy, pontiac and olds vans I think the olds is a silouette. I don't know about the mark 1. I compared seat room in my mark1 gt and it looks very similiar to the late model. Go find a van at the service dept of a dealer and measure. I measured one but then decided to put late model mg seats in instead.
Barry Parkinson

If anybody wants to install Fiero seats, e-mail me for fitting instructions. I fitted them in my B and have been quite happy with them, especially the headrest speakers. I'm trying Miata seats this season.

I have Miata seats in my GT. They sit just a little higher than the stock. The look great! I am however, removing them and placing them in my Roadster that is under a complete rebuild. The seats are black and the GT interior is Autumn Leaf, so that is the reason for the switch. They also have spekers in them, another reason for placing them in the Roadster.
Michael Wish

I have a nice set of medium grey Fiero seats looking for a home. I'm in the Cincinnati area if anyone is interested.
Jim Blackwood

For those of you using Miata seats, how much different are they than the stock seats to fit and about how much did you pay?

David A.

There is another seat you might find interesting manufactured by Beard in California. It is a seat developed for off-road racing that has full metal frame, diaphram seat support. It sits about 2-3 inches lower than a MG seat (I'm 6-3) and needless to say the side bolsters keep you in the seat, but it is quite comfortable. Mine are upholstered in black tweed, but there are alot of color options. Both low and high back models are available for about $150 a seat. The area around the emergency brake is a little tight, but I think I'll be able to modify it to move it down and out of the way. I've had a set in my sandrail (in additon to my MGB) for about 5-6 years, and they have survived brutal use and hosing at the carwash without difficulty

Apart from the Miata seats, has anyone had any experience with anyother Japanese cars? I want to fit a pair of good seats which I can get recovered in leather. The after market seats are too expensive here in Oz.



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