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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - for sale 215 v8

I have a running 1962 olds f-85 with a good running 215 v8 motor it is behind a auto trans,Make an offer and tow the car home,located in south jersey call 856-875-5500....

<215 v8 motor it is behind a auto trans>

This must be the extremely rare export version with rear mounted engine in the 'boot' bolted to the transaxle. Inspired by the 356 Porsche, it failed to live up to commercial promise and was withdrawn from the market after only six examples had been constructed. Although exhilaratingly fast in a straight line, the F85 'caboose drive' contributed little to the then-developing science of cornering.
A good example, in fair original condition brought mid-six figure bidding at a recent auction of vintage and classic cars.
It should be noted that the trouble- prone auto box diminishes the attractiveness and hence the price somewhat on this desirable, though admittedly quirky, little sedan.

L Griswold

It is running, but must be towed. Hey, what is this?!
A. Skeptic

Running, but must be towed. Hey, what is dis?! You a wise guy or sumpin? Whattaya tink we are, stoopid? Get back on yer patayta truck and get outta heah.
Jersey Joe

Skeptic Steve-

Generally accepted vernacular in the old car field.

'Runs' is interpreted to mean that the engiine can be made to run. It implies that the engine is not blown up, has massively broken internal parts, is fairly complete, etc.
'Needs to towed' means that at the very least it is not street driveable due to no brakes, other inoperative or missing parts, or simply not reliable enough to operate on public roads.

Knowledge always better lack of.

But seriously folks......hey rocky, I'm up in CT and am interested in your motor. I'll be in touch.
Doug 860.680.3897

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