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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford 5.0 in a 1978 MGB...HELP!!!

I understand that this fits pretty well. But how does one go about it? Is there a lot of cutting involved or is it a pretty straight shot? Will teh stock rear end take the abuse? Will my T-5 fit?...does anyone make a kit or literature on how too's?

Yours Truly

Nathan check my site. It is not as clean and easy an install as a buick/rover, but it does fit. I have had a hard time of it, mostly motor itself realted, and not as much due to it being a conversion.

Motor mounts have to be cut off chassis, holes in fender for headers, which must be custom made, nothing off the shelf fits. may need the driveshaft loop cut out of the rear part of chassis. Stock mustang T5 will fit, though you will need to figure out a clutch set-up. No kits available least not yet.
Larry Embrey

In looking around at the various 302 conversions on your site, Larry, it appears if one gets rid of the heater to set the engine back further one can use factory cast manifolds?? Ref: Steve Taylor conversion?

While not for everywhere, here in GA I don't need the heater in a "fun" car. A/C, though, is another story.......
Tom Lang

I guess that is a possibility, but that requires extensive cutting and modification of the firewall. You would have to narrow the footwells and the 302 is wider than the heater, plus the tranny is a tight fit as it is with motor sitting foward., you would run into clearance issues all the way back. Again, ANYTHING can be done, it comes down to how much work you want to invest into it. It sounded to me like Nathan maybe did not want a huge undertaking. My biggest piece of advice is buy a COMPLETE motor. Piecing the motor together has really eaten at my patience, all people in auto place know anything about is the blasted sbc. No offence to chevy drivers, just gets a bit annoying after a bit..
Larry Embrey

Ted Lathrop and Steve Carrick at FastCars Inc. (Michigan) are now specializing in 302/MGB conversions. I was at thier shop a few weeks ago and they had three on the schedule. May be worth a call/E-mail. E-mail or (616) 792-6632. I recently wrung out Steve's MG, with a 345hp crate 302, in the Michigan backroads. Very expensive trip, as my medical insurance did not cover the surgery to remove the permanent ear-to-ear grin from my face!

Last year in South Africa I had a Sierra XR8 and my BGT V8 parked in my workshop alongside each other and both had their engines removed which were in front of the cars resting on trollies. The B V8 runs a John Crower racing Offenhauser inlet manifold with a 390 cfm Holley and with K+N air cleaner, clears the bonnet no sweat. On comparison the Ford 302 is a smaller more compact motor with a vast industry/supply of cheap parts and cosmetic, go-faster goodies. The Rover (ex Buick 215 cu in) engine is expensive and lacks cubic inches (read: power). The 302 can be stroked to 351 and alloy blocks/heads are available. My B V8 runs a Toyota R22 gearbox with a Gilo Engineering bellhousing and has the best ratios ever. The Borg Warner T5 box is huge and would only fit into the B if the tunnel is cut (not a big deal), but is very heavy and prone to breakage under abuse. However, it can be hooked up with hydraulic master/slave as found in my Sunbeam Tiger, and with a Centerforce clutch is bulletproof and can benefit from the short throw/movement of a Hurst quickshift. The Rover motor plus box is a tight but comfortable fit and is 40lbs lighter than the 1,800 cc motor it replaces in the standard B which provides an excellent 50% / 50% front to back weight bias ideal for handling. What car can boast that. The Rover is too soft to be thrashed and is mostly best at low rpm. The 302 functions ideally at 3,500 to 5,500 (My Tiger redlines to 7,500 effortlessly), but has a weight penalty. Starting a B V8 conversion from scratch I would recommend the 302 stroked, with a 6-speed T-56.
Reg Ward

I JUST walked in the door after my maiden run in my 302 car. IT IS WORTH IT! I have some omtor tuning issues, but even so she is really quick. AND she sounds AWESOME, got that sound only pure cubic inches can make...

Larry Embrey

Congratulations, Larry! That has to be a great feeling; can't wait for the day myself!

Best, Joe
Joe Ullman


I know how much you guys like the 302, but I am looking at stuffing a sbc 327 with a turbohydromatic 350 into my 1971 B GT. If anybody has any suggestions as to go about it please e-mail me.

P.S. I'm very set on the chevy engine and trans.
Scott Coulter


The chev works fine. The only diff I can see is that there is a lot of firewall/footwell work to be done compared to the 302. I have seen a few of these and they look nice under the hood, but the inside footwells were kinda weird; stick to the auto tranny.


Larry which trans did you use and what did you have to do to the tunnel. As a novice car person (sort of rather not have to do to much modifing to anything) how hard is this conversion?
The G

The big modification is to the front crossmember not the chassis of the car. It will need to be notched anywere from 1+ to a couple inches dependant on what oil pan you get. THEN you will need to fabricate and weld motor mounts to it. Aside from that, you will need to cut off the stock MGB motor mounts from the frame rails, maybe do some sledgehammer work to the tunner entrance, and then cut holes for headers. Really only thing making a 302 any different than a Rover/215 swap is the crossmember.

My 302 seemed to slide right in, even a Friend with a buick car commented on how easy it was to put the motor in/out, easier than his buick, only took a couple min each way with a hoist and load leveler. Once in a little rocking anf the motor mount dropped into thier holes and she was down.
Larry Embrey

OHHH, FYI - I had never done any sort of car work before, aside from oil, plug, wire change and the like. I learned as I went, so it is not impossible if you have some mechanical apptitude..
Larry Embrey

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