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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford V8

Im sure this question has already been asked but I am going to ask anyway. Looking at V8's, anyone thought of a DOHC Ford? I know its a wide head motor but, might it fit? Id like to see another ford powered B rather than some chevy thing. Thanks
Jarrod Hills

I just today picked up a copy of one of the Ford type magazines, and there was an article on the various Ford engines, giving size and weight info. The DOHC was listed as 36" wide! Way to wide for an MGB. If that figure includes the exhaust, that's a full 10" wider than a Ford 302, 9" wider than the BOP/R. If it doesn't include the exhaust, that's over 16" wider than a 302.

There are quite a few Ford 302 powered MGBs on the road now, with more on the way.
Dan Masters

Yeah the DOHC or even the SOHC are just way to big for the MGB, they have a challenge fitting them in older stangs they are so big.

A 5.0 will give you more power than the car can put to pavement, and due it all day long. EFI kits and parts are easier to find for the 5.0 at this point due to sheer numbers of vehicles on the road. Some can even be fit under stock bodywork, no bulges or scoops!
Larry Embrey

So, how much does a SB Ford 302 with alloy heads weigh in comparison to the the B 4 banger?
Jarrod Hills

Current consensus is within 50lbs of stock.
Larry Embrey

too bad it is too big. The Ford DOHC V8 is what the lates Land Rovers will be running. So you could still have a rover engine in your MG but made by ford. I may just be thinking to hard. I'm going to bed
Evan Amaya


An MGB engine, complete, weighs about 400 pounds. With the right accessories - aluminum intake, lightweight starter, light weight flywheel, etc, an alloy head 302 weighs about 425. A T5 transmission weighs about 85 pounds, an MGB transmission weighs about 70 pounds. To make a fair comparison, you need to compare the T5 to an MGB OD. The OD adds about 30 pounds to the MGB tranny.

So a 302 weighs about 10 pounds more than an OD equpped MGB - about 20-25 pounds more if you use some of the heavier accessories.
Dan Masters

If you're contemplating what an extra 50 lbs. will do to the handling of your car... Welding rods often come packaged in small convenient 50 lb. cans. Stick one of these behind the grill on the radiator shelf with some duct tape and go drive around. I doubt you'll notice much difference in handling. Then note that this new added weight is more forward than it will be when you put in a 302 and you'll forget all about weight issues.

Scott Wooley


I find it amusing that the same people that rant and rave about the added weight of a Ford 302 will talk glowingly of the advantages of a Moss Suercharger.

Which will add between 25-50 pounds to the front end as well.

You are right - the added weight is a non-issue.
Dan Masters

The best test is to drive one for yourself.
Come to V8 2005 in Terre Haute IN and experience the incredible drive.

69 302 V8
Pete Mantell

Hey, pete, can I drive your car?
Dan Masters

To address another part of Jarrod's comments, almost no one uses a Chevy in an MGB.

Yes, it has been done, we have seen a few at past V8 meets, but it is not inherently a good fit, & few will be seen in the future.

Now for the really crazy, how about a Buick 455? About 50 lbs heavier than a small block Chevy small block, amazing torque & almost too much HP. We took some measurements a few years ago, & I think it will fit in the engine bay, but not under a stock hood.
Jim Stuart


Of course you can.
Next time you are in Central IL come on by.
If not, for sure next year in Terre Haute.

Pete Mantell

How about a 351 windsor stroked out to 427 with some good aluminum heads. 500hp and darn near as much torque should be a piece of cake. I bet it would come darn close to fitting too. Maybe a little on the tall side at the top of the carb, but I can't see there being an issue with the heads fitting, and the bottom end is the same as the 302. Weight anyone?


the 351 will fit though it will require a hood scoop or big bulge of some sort, the 302/5.0 is a tight fit with low set intakes, carbs and filters. That is retaining stock firewals, etc, now if you want to really play and do custom firewall work then it's all open to fiting...

Larry Embrey

If a 302 will fit, a 351 will also fit, but it requires more clearance under the bonnet. The 351 is a 302 with 1" taller decks, making the engine 1" wider. This also makes the carb mounting point about 1"-2" higher also. The extra 1" of engine width is at the top, where there is usually no clearance problems in an MGB. Length is the same for both engines.

If you have an interest in Ford engine, check out the Sept 2004 issue of "Mustang & Fords" magazine. They list the size and weight of various Ford V8s, and there is also an article on a 351 that has been pumped up to 427ci. Does 487lbft of torque at 4500 rpm appeal to you? At 2500, the torque is still a VERY impressive 413lbft! They didn't list the torque figures for lower rpm, but I bet you could pull small tree stumps at idle.

For those of you who still insist on using HP figures, try 486 @ 6000! 193 @ 2500.
Dan Masters

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