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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Forlife?

Hi folks. I have just filled my V8 roadster with the Forlife cooling fliud.
Does any one have experience with this stuff?
It is quite expensive and you cannot top it up with water but it states it will last for 10 years and is an anti-freeze / corrosion-inhibitor / wetter / + changes from red to yellow if the head gasket blows!!!
D M Tetlow


Iíve had it in mine for the last five years or so, it hasnít changed colour and to my knowledge it has never frozen or boiled, so I guess it works.

Geoff King

Thanks Geoff.
Mine boiled yesterday and I lost about a pint.
I was just getting the dampness out car after a long storage outside and had left her ticking over. The fuse to the fans overheated through poor contact and melted!! The temp gauge went doo-lally. It got so hot that water was blowing passing the 15psi cap as well as through the overflow.
It seems that no damage was done but I am now waiting for a new supply so I can top her up.
D M Tetlow

Where in the UK can you get this forlife cooling fluid?

GLG Lavis

Available from mgoc

It should have a higher boiling point and you may be able to run without pressure but perhaps not, is it time to replace cap?

Also available from:
Demon Tweeks
Vintage and Sports Car Services
Holden Vintage and Classic,%20Grease%20&%20Fluids&group=016

The boiling point is supposed to be 180DegC so Dave had the engine rather warm to get the dampness out of the car.

Geoff King

My temp gauge needle was half way round the Oil pressure scale. I would like to know what temp it actually was!!!
D M Tetlow

Thinking about Paul's point. I believe the system probably had some air in it so I was having compressed steam in the system. The cap is new!!
I have never heard so much noise comming fron all around the complete engine though. Maybe it was the circulating steam?
D M Tetlow


To boil under pressure is approx 130c and 4life is capable of this without pressure. Evans uses an unpressurised system.
Paul Wiley

It would now seem very unlikely that the coolant was boiling, but a bit odd that the car had ticked over for about 1 hr with no problems, before the fuse went and the fans stopped cooling.
Topped up the system and all works fine.
Have taken the car on its first run!!
Not too bad, all of the pre-ignition has gone, all I can now hear is the exhausts. They are a bit too loud so at some time I might think about replacing some of the silencers, but it seems a shame to cut into a new SS system.
The Forlife is running fine, fans come on just before the H section starts and go off just before N.
The level in the header tank is about 2" below the cap. I assume this is OK.
D M Tetlow

You might try adding some tip resonators or even super-trapp mufflers at the end of the pipes if you're OK with the appearance.

Jim Blackwood

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