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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - front wheel clearance

I was planning on lowering my 1977 MGB ~1" and changing the front wheels and tires to 15X7 with 195/60/15 or 205/50/15 tires. Would the 7" wheel be a problem? Would either of these tire sizes rub anywhere? Thanks


I used 15x7's with 205/60-15's on my 69 MGC. The first set of wheels did not have enough offset, and the inner part of the rim contacted the tie rod ends. Another set of wheels with more offset to bring the wheel out a little worked just fine in the front-no rubbing at all. However, in the rear I had a very hard time, and eventually had to cut out the metal where the inner and outer fenders join and are folded in at a right angle. Also had to juggle the positioning of the wheel with spacers.

Once I got it right, the car handled great.

Regards, Allan

Rick, I just lowered my '77 MGB almost 2 inches, then installed 15x6 aluminum wheels with P205/15/50, and still have clearane all the way around in front and back. However, I do not know the offset of my wheels.

I forgot to mention the wheel offset would be minus 6 to minus 10mm.


I use 195x60x15 with 22m + offset (CB lowered 1in). A minus offset will push wheels away from car and the rears at least will prob need flares.


Thanks guys your comments are helpful.
Currently I have wire wheels. my plan is this: change to a ford 8.8 inch rear and front hubs from wire to lugnut hubs. I will purchase the tires and wheels first. Then remove the axle, place the tires and wheels in position, and measure for the axle length. This way I'll reduce the number of errors I could make and end up with and axle lenght wheel/tire combination that rubs. I just don't trust myself with figureing the wheel offset, tire section width, the axle length and wheel well measurements.
All this lead me to ask the question because I wanted to be pretty sure that my tire/wheel selection for the rear would fit the front.

I have 195/60/15 tires 6" rims back and front on a lowered 77. I don't know the offset, but I have tire rub at full lock on the front. No problem for me except navigating a tight driveway. Back has some tire rub on quick cornering, probably could use a Panard bar or stiffer shock valving.

Please post updates on the rear end change.

Edd Weninger

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