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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel Injection

I have purchased a 1995 Rover 4.2 for my MGB. It has fuel injection. I don't know if I should buy the fuel injection? Has anyone used fuel injection on an MGB. I have read David Hardcastle's book and the electronics seem straight forward. The fuel tank and pump are a concern to me as to how I would convert the standard MGB tank. Has anyone done this?
Joe Rushing

or a more exotic look:

James D.

Joe, I know the owner of Towery Foreign Car in Cheswold DE. He has done 4 of these conversions in the last 6 months. He used the wiring harness and ECU from a 1987 RR with excellent results.

The fuel tank and any other parts needed for your conversion can be purchased from him. Give Glenn Towery a call at (302) 734-1243 or e-mail at
John Masters

I bought a new MGB fuel tank and had a swirlpot welded into it by a London based company. Very quick and cheap job. The swirlpot came out of an old injected Ford Sierra - I don't know what that might be in US-speak. It works very well.

Did my first in 1983 and would not want anything else!

Roger Parker

So, has anyone in the UK got a complete hot wire system that I could buy?

Geoff King

Geoff - Try Simon at Progress engineering 01622 687070


Jon Eales 01455 202909 will certainly be able to help you with ANY V8 bits.


Nigel Steward


I have just bought a nearly new 4.0L discovery engine complete with all the fuel injection stuff
inc ECU and wiring. I am using the engine in my MG with new webber carb. I know nothing about fuel injection ( hence webber ) but the plenium chamber looks different to anything Ive seen on a rover V8.
Looks very impressive with induction pipes sweeping over the rocker covers from both sides.
The whole lot is for sale if you'r interested!

Mark Rawlins

If someone has the hot wire F.I. range rover bits in the U.S. that thay would like to sell or trade for carb. set up, let me know, I need it all. Ph.302-734-1243 10-3 est
Glenn Towery

Mark you have the latest Bosch based system that uses a system where the throttle body lies across the front of the V and points to one side. The manifold then curls under and into the 8 ports. This is very unsuitable for the MGB as the height is all at the front and modification to fit the MGB is not even in the 'possible' catagory. The system is also set for torque and whilst I haven't seen inside I suspect the port runner diameters are small to promote gas speed.

The latest system that does have any possibilities of fitting the V8 in the MGB is the Lucas GEMS 8 that appeared in the current shape (Pegasus model) Range Rovers. These systems were fitted to the 4.0 litre and 4.6 litre engines from intorduction in 1995 to around 1999, when the Bosch systems appeared.

Visually the GEMS 8 uses the same basic casting as the earlier Hot Wire systems but that the plenum has a flat top instead of curved. The earlier type can be fitted onto this to ease bonnet clearance. The details of the system are very different as there are many additional sensors that provide inputs to what is a complete digital mapped engien management control with sequential injection. As such it is not a viable option to try and retro fit the GEMS 8 system to any previous V8. This is unlike the previous Hot Wire and Airflow Meter systems which can be retro fitted to any Rover V8, and I suspect buick and Australian P76 engine. (Inlet manifold dimension in the Vee permitting.)

For Hot Wire systems the best sourse has to be from the Land Rover club abd competition scene. So many V8's are kicked out in favour of a big turbo diesel and complete engies and systems are sold for very attractive prices.

Roger Parker

Yes this is a bosch system but its not as high as you might think If you look into a range rover engine bay most of the height is due to the alternator and If fitting a C or RV8 bonnet I think it might be OK as for technical matters I havent a clue. If it could be made to fit it would look superb.

Mark Rawlins

Rough and ready measurment when this system first appeared shows there to be too much height, and unlike the other manifolds the height reduction of the castings does not appear to be an option.

Bonnet bulges and yes it could fit.

Roger Parker

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