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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - FYI - Ford efi swap

Just thougth I'd pass along what I've recently learned. I am in the process of fitting a '94 Mustang efi motor in a '74 chrome bumper gt. Basically the same setup that Larry Embrey is using. I've modified the firewall so it's like a rubber bumper, and also have added a rubber bumper steering rack to the chrome bumper crossmember. So here's the bad news: the '94-'95 efi intake won't fit under the hood on a chrome bumper car. I guess the chrome crossmember has the steering rack a little higher than the rubber crossmember, and the hood is at least 1 inch from closing. Insert profanity here.

So now I'm deciding whether to ditch the efi or to make more firewall mods and set the engine back another 4.5 inches. I think I'm going for the latter, I really want to use the efi and I don't want to modify the hood. Scott Wooley or anyone else who has really set the engine back, I'd love to hear how this affects foot room, especially for the pedals.

Ryan Reis
Ryan Reis

Can you drop the crossmember farther down and drop the motor that way instead of shifting the whole thing back?


I thought about doing that, but I really don't want to add any height to the front of the car. I guess I want my cake and to eat it too, huh? I don't mind the idea of setting the engine further back as long as it doesn't sacrifice too much foot room (size 12's)or require a goofy pedal arrangment. I'm just kinda having one of those "moments". Thought I was really close to having the cutting and welding almost done.

Ryan Reis

Why don't you use the rubber bumper crossmember? Thats where the difference is. The rubber bumper crossmember has a raised portion on it where the frame rails intersect with the crossmember effectively creating extra space between the top surface of the crossmember and the inside surface of the hood (bonnet) directly above it. There is a raised surface on both sides of the rubber bumper crossmember. Although the engine still mounts in more or less the same manner it can sit lower because the crossmember is lower relative to the frame rails.

Yes I think alan has your best option.. THEN get some of the lower springs or coil overs that will allow you to drop the front end back down...

The steering rack to balancer is the constraint on the Ford V8 cars more than anything else...
Larry Embrey

Okay - update. I took the pan off the engine tonight and ground just a little bit of the lip off of the front. It allowed me to set the engine maybe .25 lower. It fits!! It couldn't be any tighter if Ford had been in on the design, but it will work. Whew, I was pretty bummed yesterday. I think I will get about a 1/4 inch milled off the intake base, just to have a little fudge room. Just in case anyone else is considering this, I also had to remove the center brace from the hood. At least now I can start building engine mounts. I'll try to make some pictures available soon.

Ryan Reis

Congrats bro!!!

I also had to alter my center brace as it goes right down the middle of the Distributor...
Larry Embrey

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