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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Gas Mileage

I have driven my MGBV8 5000 miles since I finished it in October. I would like to know what gas mileage others MGBV8 owners experience. I have been getting 23 MGP (US gallons) combined city/highway. I have been using 89/90 octane fuel and have EFI. Any mileage feedback would be great.
Evan Amaya

With my 302 and allot of heavy right foot driving I was seeing 19mpg with a 4bbl carb.

Hopefully the EFI will raise that a bit.
Larry Embrey

Evan - you will see some discussion in archives - it's unwise to compare - your FI will save you fuel and money in heavy traffic - the colour of your tailpipe will tell you if it is properly set up.



I was getting 30 (UK) MPG on motorways (cruising at 70 is 2300rpm) and on the Christmas Cracker run ( Lake district passes) we got 25.6 mpg including a run up the M6 to Keswick..As you know I've now converted from flap-valve to hot-wire so it will be intersting to compare consumption......efi is much more economical than carbs in the UK, we tend to go for much higher gearing than in the states ( I have a 3.08 Rover axle with 195x15x65 tyres...100rpm is nearly 30mph) I guess it's something to do with a tank of fuel costing us the equivalent of $70 !!!!!

Michael barnfather

Factory V8 with twin HIFs, typically 27 UK mpg commuting, 18 running round town, but I have got 322 miles out of a tank keeping to autoroute and motorway speed limits.
Paul Hunt

On the trip to Townsend Tennessee last year I got almost 30 MPG @ 70-80 MPH but that is with the .73 OD and a 3.00:1 rear.
Michael S. Domanowski

With a buick 215, .63 OD and stock MG rear I am getting 25 - 28 MPG on the road. City driving ~15 MPG or so.
Jim Miller

With a rover 3500, 9.5-1 comp., 3.07 rear, rover 5sp., carter 400 afb. in a 74.5 G.T, I would get 23-24 hwy. & 15 (winter) to 18 city with 89 oct. My 74 G.T., 4.2 rover with 9-1 comp., 3.0 rear, rover 5sp., A.C. with rover hot wire efi I did 25 mpg @ 70-80 mph & 28 @ 65 mph with 87 oct. My 4.9 with 11.5-1 comp. ratio, 4.10 rear T56 sp. carter 500 afb.& 93 oct. in a 72 roadster will do 22-25 hwy. (IF I GET MY FOOT OUT OF IT)!!!!!!
Glenn Towery

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