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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Gas Prices In Our Town...

The comments about gas prices on the previous thread got me interested in knowing what people are paying for gas, 87 octane that is, in other regions.
Here in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we have relatively cheap but unstable gas prices at around $0.52Can/lt to $0.63Can/lt, depending on the time of the week it seems...gas prices are usually higher at the week-end.
LPG is steady at $0.34Can/lt. There's a regional transit tax component that makes prices about 5ct/lt cheaper outside urban area.
The $Can is weak right now so our fuel prices might look like a bargain compared to other regions. There's certainly lots of new gas guzzlers on the roads here.
John Morgan

Not many gas guzzlers here in the UK! Petrol is typically 0.69/litre at the moment (which is less than it has been recently). This equates to $1.59 Canadian!
Pete Green

It's around $1.08/gal here in memphis

Which is about 29cents/liter

or 0.46Can$/L

or 0.21GBP/L

Ouch, by pete's numbers, that would work out to $3.66/gal

Hope my math is right. Boy the GBP sure has gone down against the dollar. I remember when it was 1.5-1.6 dollars per pound. Now it's around 1.4
Michael Hartwig

When I filled my truck on Friday with 87 octane, it was about $1.27 per US gallon (or ~24 UK pence/L). 91 octane is usually about 20 cents higher per gallon (92 octane seems to be harder to find lately).

Gas on the West Coast is usually about 20-30 cents higher than the rest of the country, because it has to be specially formulated for California. Our car happy state needs special power and mileage sapping additives in the fuel to help us comply with Federal air emissions standards, if we don't meet those standards, the State loses Federal highway maintenance funds.

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

My local station here inside Seattle is $1.31/GAL. Last weekend went to Snohomish, 20 minute drive and gas was $1.20/Gal. At the Canadian border (US side) gas was $1.09/Gal. Prices here are based on who has the most money, not cost of supplies.


I was in Seattle last weekend and paid $1.09 per gallon for 87 octane at a Chevron; a mile away the Chevron price was $1.25. Here in Vancouver, Washington, I can buy Chevron today for 99 cents per gallon at a station owned by an Arab-American family. Their price is about 10 cents lower than the other places in town.

Regards, Joe
Joe Ullman

In the states, or anywhere for that matter, how much does the goverment get? I think in UK they take around 70p in the !!!

$1.29/GAL 93 Octane in New Jersey. Call me a snobb, I always run high test in all my cars(78 MGB V8, 85 BMW 325E, 01 Lexus IS300), truck(98 Ford Ranger 4.0 w/super chip) and bikes(69 BSA Rocket 3, 1980 KZ1300 w/nitrous)! It is worth the 5 mile trip across the border (I live in New York) to get 93 for the price of 87 octane. Ocassionally I'll use some Cam2 100 octane in the bikes and the MGB V8 but thats about $3.50 per gal.
Michael S. Domanowski

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