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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - GM T-5 to Buick 215

hello all,
just a question. does the input shaft on a gm t-5 need to be shortened at all when using a stock 4 speed bellhousing? i know i can get the correct size pilot bushing, but its the length im not sure on. how about on a t-50?

If you have a BOP v8 or an early Rover, the input shaft length is fine. The 3.9, 4.2, 4.0 & 4.6 Rover blocke have a crank that is longer at the rear, & requires either a spacer or shortening the input shaft. I used a spacer so that if I needed to replace the tranny at a future date I would not have to modify it. The spacer is a one time fix. I put a spacer between the block & bell housing because it was within my capabilities, but a spacer between the bell housing & tranny is a better way to go.

D & D has spacers available. Memory, sometimes faulty, says 3/8" was the spacer thickness.

I believe the T-5 & T-50 have the same input shaft length, based upon my use of both with a Buick block.
Jim Stuart

great, thats what i needed to know, im using a '63 skylark engine.

How common are those BOP bellhousings??

Because back when I needed one I didnt really know where to go and I ended up getting one from Dan at D&D for a whole lot of money (about $260.00 if I remember correctly.
Thanks for any input.

Wally Jonker

i had 3 extra BOP bellhousing that i sold on the average for $285 apiece, and even had one of those lower metal covers. but then again i picked one up on ebay for $120 after i sold them all. these werent the 3 speed ones either, they were 4 speed and 3/4 combinations. guess it varies, but dans price is about right.

FWIW I was able to purchase a bellhousing for my V6 /T5 conversion for $40.00 on eBay.
Gary Lee
Gary Lee

I modified a 3 speed BOP bellhousing (cheap!)to accept a T-5 transmission for my conversion. Not that hard to do with some time, a TIG torch, lots of aluminum rod and a connection with someone who has access to a milling machine to mill the transmission side of the housing parallel to the engine side once the welding is done. I helicoiled the new holess for extra strenght. I have some photos if anyone is interested.

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