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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - GT to Roadster

I have a 1969 GT V8 conversion.
Is it possible to convert to a roadster by using a new bodyshell.
Anyone know the position with DVLA



yep F@ck em

Thanks Tom
I take it that means It can be done legally?


Geoff King from Aberdeenshire, who posts regularly on the MGOC bulletin board, did exactly that. He did have some difficulties accumulating enough points to carry the registration over, and his car is now registered as an MGB GT convertible. But he got there in the end.

Mike Howlett


The DVLA use a points system for major components.

It can be done.


Yes, it can be done and perfectly legally. Tell the DVLA what you are doing and be careful with the points system to avoid a Q plate, the roadster shell must be new not second-hand but if the existing GT V8 conversion is already properly registered with the correct engine number it should be straightforward. I retained the original tax-exempt registration number but the DVLA issued a new VIN and as Mike says the car is registered as a MG BGT Convertible.

The traffic police inspected the car and checked engine and body numbers etc, I was also interviewed a couple of times to review the documentation and receipts. Make sure you keep all the paperwork and photographs help too. The only problem I had was proving that the GT shell had been scrapped, I had cut it into three sections and thrown it away in a skip but I didnít have a receipt from a scrap merchant. Photographs of the rusted body cut through the sills, floor and tunnel and the roof cut off at the pillars were accepted as evidence but a receipt would have been better.

Good luck.

Geoff King

Just something for the future.


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