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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Head game

The 3.5-liter V8 engine produced by the Rover motor company, are aftermarket cylinder heads currently available to the mass public?
W. Lewis Smith

Better suited to large capacity.


Peter Burgess does a nice line in uprated cylinder heads. Send him yours and get back a much better pair. Whether he can supply heads without exchange, I don't know. Drop him an e-mail.

Mike Howlett

I am more interested in acquiring a cylinder head of non-Rover/factory design.
W. Lewis Smith

Get ready to open your wallet. Repco/Brabham used a version of this engine back in the sixtys with special heads for formula racing. You might find a set, but they'll probably be expensive. That's the only other head that I've ever heard of for this engine.
Bill Young

I have aluminum Buick 300 heads on my 3.9 Rover.

rick ingram

Aren't those wildcat heads like 3,000 bucks a pair or something stupid like that?


re: Buick heads....No, Justin...they aren't quite that bad...I got mine from Dan Lagraou at D&D....rick
rick ingram

I have a good set for only $2000.00 Think of all the mony you would be saving.

The 300 heads are not a good option for most 215/Rover engines, as they will drop the compression ratio quite a bit. The also create an overhang as they are designed to mate with a larger bore than the 215/Rover. Generally, this overhang is not a good thing as a part of good head design.

A big plus is the larger valves.
Jim Stuart

No no, I meant the heads from wildcat engineering in the UK. (The link that Paul posted)

Scared me there for a minute. I don't even know where that set of 300 heads are right now, almost certainly not under lock and key. Sure glad you cleared that up for me, before I had to go digging for them. ;-P (Nah! NOBODY would pay THAT much for them!)
Jim Blackwood


Correct about 1.5k and new manifolds but this is what you could end up with

I believe Frontline are using them on a 5.0L road going BV8 with 340bhp.


What the flow #'s they be on those ported heads yo!

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