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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Hi my name is Jonesy

I've got a heritage shelled B with 4.6 John Eales motor (long story of how I got it), but the long and short of it is this baby rocks. I leave black tyre mark for about 40 feet when I smoke em up (not too often as Yokohama don't give their tyres away)

Has anyone put their car down the drag strip? If so i'd like to hear some times.




Any bhp figures etc for your beast and other interesting specs.


My car has also a 4.6 with Eales motor.
I am not impress with the times. 14.558 is her best.
Paul Chadwick

Paul, what gearing do you run? That does sound extremely slow. 4-bbl or SUs?

I have a Volvo 3:30 gear ratio and a 650 Holley. I am not happy with the engine performance. Everything has been checked.
Otherwise the engine runs great in traffic. I think is just the engine's best capabilities.

Engine workmanship is great no leaks etc.
Paul Chadwick

Paul, that sounds like an awful lot of carb. What if you put an Edelbrock 500 on there?

Harry, I tried the Carter 500 and it gave better feel during take off, but was lacking power in upper rpm's
Paul Chadwick

This thread was discussed between 17/07/2001 and 24/07/2001

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