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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - How to install a V8 in a MGB GT

I just found an MG B GT with no engine. I plan to install a V8 engine. I need to know which was the engine the original V8's were and what other parts I need to buy and convert. This is my first MG B so I am a novice.
Thanks in advance.
Bogota, Colombia
Jose Vicente Vargas

The engine used by MG was the Rover V8 of 3500cc as used in the Range Rover of the time. This engine came originally from the USA and was used in General Motors cars of the fifties. All Rover V8 engines are the same size externally so all would fit. How much work you need to do depends on the age of the car. Is it a chrome bumper or rubber bumper model? It is considerably easier with a rubber bumper car.
Mike Howlett

An incredible amount of information about the "factory" V8 installation (including detailed photos, parts lists, exploded diagrams, etc.) is archived here:

But if you're not particularly determined to build a replica, there are many proven alternative parts and methods to make your build easier and more economical. With over 7500 photos, a huge and easily searchable article archive, a vendor directory, and an active message board the BritishV8 website is frankly the best reference for that too.

Curtis Jacobson


The 215 is a good engine and well documented but there are two other popular conversions also list out on the site Curtis mentioned. One is the 302 Ford V8 found in plety of cars and trucks in the 1970's-1990's. There are also 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4L V6 engines from Chevrolet (Chevy) S10 pickup trucks (1982-1993) and Camaro-Firebird model V6 cars (1982-1995) that are also common engines to use in the MGB.

Any one of these will make for a fast and fun MGB.

BMC Brian McCullough

Note that Jose lives in South America. Supply of power plants that we are accustomed to using here in the States may be limited.
Rick Ingram

Rick, Thats why I mentioned the S10 which was available in some areas of South America, I suspect the Ford 302 is probably something that can be found. Ford is Worldwide. Funny the kinds of vehicles you can find elsewhere, albeit not as easy as you and I have it. :-)

BMC Brian McCullough


This article by Roger Parker although written some time ago will give you a much clearer picture of how it is done.

You will have questions so do come back and ask.

Kevin Jackson

Additional to Rogers splendid article- If you don't want to alter the transmission tunnel you can use a toyota gear box. This guy ships bell housings, or entire kits, world wide. I'm using the supra box, it's very strong, compact and light.

Also a number of chrome bumper conversions have been done by mounting the engine down on the front crossmember. This, along with RV8 headers, means you do not have to change the steering to rubber bumper.
P.N. Sherman

P.N. - Dellow may ship worldwide, but they definitely don't/won't communicate worldwide. When I was looking into a 5-speed conversion I tried on several occasions to get information from them regarding availability, shipping, prices, and so on. They showed no interest. Rivergate did. You can guess which conversion I went with.

Rick Stevens

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