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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - How to pull starter engine?

Dear V8 friends,
quite often now, I am hearing a crasssshing sound when I want to start the engine. 2 o 3 attempts later, everything goes fine and the starter is cranking the engine.
Seems that it will be necessary to take a closer look at the starter engine (hopefully not the ring gear, but the last thing which will die is hope...)
Now comes the question: is it possible to pull the starter engine without disassemble half the car (especially without pulling steering, exhaust, engine mounts etc.)? Any hints, tricks, undocumented workarounds? Would be very glad to hear something. Thanks a lot in advance,


Here is the car:
Hydraulic tappets repair (in german language, with photos):

Standard factory V8??
If so, and with cast manifolds, you must remove offside manifold and slacken engine mounting so that engine can be lifted slightly to get starter out.
That might mean removing steering rack to get at the mounting.
Easier with some tubular manifolds where it is possible to remove starter without removing manifold.
The noise from the starter may be caused by a below-par battery which can cause a rattling sound as it tries to engage so check battery and connections first.
Dave Wellings

With my tubulars I have been able to replace the starter removing nothing except the heat-shield. I can get at the top starter bolt from between two of the manifold pipes using a set of 1/4" or 3/8" extension bars and a universal joint.

A chattering solenoid can be caused by bad connections in the relay to solenoid circuit (there is a two-way plug and socket low down by the starter which is exposed to much water and salt) as well as a flat battery or bad battery connections. There is also the right-hand toe-board stud, unique to the V8, where the main battery cable joins to the short extension to the starter and the brown wires from the alt and the remainder of the electrics. It is also a symptom of a time-expired starter, of course.
Paul Hunt

Dave, Paul,

thank you very much for your comments. Yes, it is a factory V8, but with tubular manifolds. Batteries are new.
Encouraged by your statements, I will try it next weekend.

Thanks again,


Successful finished -
it works as Paul described it...only removal of the heat shild was necessary.
After removing the starter motor, I disassembled it, cleaned everything and greased the parts which needed it.
Refitting was a tricky thing...but with a magnetic screwdriver and lots of patience I managed it to screw in the upper bolt.
And last not least: no more crashhhh... during the starting attempt.
The picture shows the "toolkit" to loose and tighten the upper bolt:

Thanks again to Dave and Paul - sometimes its helpful if someone tells you "Try it - it works..." :-)

Paul Hunt

"Don't you just love it when a plan comes together"
The single most important reason to change to tubulars..........
Dave Wellings

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