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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - IFS

I need to build a new front suspension with 1 inch shorter upper/lower control arms to fit larger wheels under the wings.I will use coilover shocks and tubular arms. I wondered if anyone has done this before?

Dave Lowe

Ted Lanthrop over by Grand Rapids builds a IFS- I'm sure he would build one for you- but he might no be too forthcoming about details- he does have a couple years work in it, so he's probably pretty quiet about details of the geometry

Sire you can't accomplish what you want with wheel offset? Or alternately, perhaps machine a wire wheel hub to take disk wheels- that might save you a half inch or so there, combining with wheel offset.... or machine unique hubs pushing the wheels inboard
greg fast

Thanks Greg,I can build the IFS myself I just wondered if anyone had done it, if there were any downfalls so to speak.I paid a lot of money for my wheels and tyres only to make a basic mistake, for some reason I had the wrong backspace measurement on my records for my old alloy wheels and purchased the new ones,I always measure twice and cut once but not on paper!
I was thinking of putting anti dive in the top arms but I am not sure if this will work with kingpins,I am going to have solid bearing inner races on the top arms rather than polyurathane as I feel this is how the original was,I should go for a different stub axle with ball joints but I think i've got a lot of work as it is!

Dave Lowe

You could move the upper shocker in a little. You've got one or two cm before you're hard up against the body rail. Move shift the bolt holes inward. Ditto the lower arms innner bolt though you might need to put the bolt on the inside of the crossmember to maintain the same level/height. I had briefly considered this approach as a means of adjusting ride height.

Might want to take a look at
greg fast

You've probably already thought of this, but just in case; before you spend too much time and effort on the front, check the back. Your rear wheels might be the real problem. I'm using 195 by 60 cm tyres on 15 by 6 inch wheels and the back ones only just fit while the front are just fine. I suppose Wheel archs can be pushed out a little but you might also need spacers to clear the bump stop mount on the inside, which would mean even bigger flared guards.

Dave the roll center and keeping the bump out of the front suspension is the key. Shorter upper arms will increase camber changes.
When I build mine for my Ford V8 B, I actually increase the lenght of the lower arms.

Lathrop's front end is a put together, he only builds the crossmember. We buy the same pitmam arms, A arms and racks for our stock cars.



Could you reccomend a source for suspension components. I've looked at the Pegasus racing and ...hmmm...can't remember the name of the other one, but I'm always on the lookout for good suppliers.


Brian C.
Brian Corrigan

Any Nascar magazine have several manufacures for items such as front suspension etc. Pegasus has some A arms, and the spindles are more for Formula fords and would be to weak for a B

I believe the rack that Ted uses is a custom item. The dimensions have to be correct or several undesireable things happen and he went through several suppliers before settling on the one he uses now. Just my $.02

Jim Blackwood

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