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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ignition system

Okay, my Lumenition Optronic does not funtion anymore. It seems that the little electronic unit has given up functioning. So it is now rebuild to points, to keep it on the road. In the meantime I am looking for another system. But what to choose? The Mallory dual point? An electronic system like the 6AL from MSD? Or another Optronic unit? What is the best and what will it cost me more or less? Or shall I just stick to points (am going to try that anyway)?
I am not racing my 3.5 V8, I just use it everyday on the street, in normal/heavy traffic.

Frank de Groot

try i have had one of their units for some time.they are simple and work.......gerry

One consideration, you may find that with one of the better ignition systems that your tach no longer works. Today I sent off a check for one of the new boards for the Smith's tach and will report back here once I evaluate it. It cost me $35 plus shipping from Canada.

Jim Blackwood


I use a Mallory purchased from Real Steel, you may need to check which is best for LPG.


Stick with points, unless you really hate having to check them once every 6000 miles ...
Paul Hunt

Jim Stuart

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