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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Influx of V8's for sale

Has anyone else noticed an influx of V8's for sale on ebay lately? I remember there being none for a long time, now it seems like a weekly event? Did I miss the boat and we're all shifting our love for another creation, or is there an awful lot of coincidence happening?


p.s. I don't think I'd have the heart to sell mine. Not after 4 years of planning and creation, it's too big a part of me.

Perhaps they are selling the V8's and replacecing them with V6 MGB's

They seem nice, too. There is/was a red roadster that looked really excellent. The GT, while not exactly my cup of tea what with tinted windows and modern wheels, looks pretty good for what it is.

I think it is a number of things going on. The biggest being a long recessions here in the US. Lots of people laid off, no work... Mean selling off the "toys" to pay the bills. That and it is dead of winter, so last think people want to do is driver a convertible..

Larry Embrey

can you give me the item # for that gt??? Was it the one in OR? I am going to contact the winners and invite them here..
Larry Embrey

If anyone, in the UK, thinks the value of their V8 (must be genuine factory) has droped so much that it's not worth bothering selling and just wants some to take it away for free let me know. Remember that the scrapman will charge YOU if he has to come out.

Only joking of course in case anyone think otherwise !
Paul Humphries

I lost track Larry ... it was some wierd color like Aconite, and it had an immaculate but really wonky engine bay, with louvered inner fenders and bonnet and it looked to me like they had scrapped the heater and had plumbed the fresh air intake to the carb. Had a Dana rear end I think. But the window tinting and Enkei wheels seemed really hokey. Anyhow, I'm just jealous because I paid about thrice what it went for for my GT ... I had to; I couldn't find any other good ones at all.

Here's the link for that purple GT:

That car went insanely cheap. I think the problem is when you search for "mgb v8" on ebay, it doesn't show up. I'm sure that kept a lot of people from finding it, and that could have contributed to the low price.


Here's another one, Ebay # 2405319295

E Jacobson this one is NOT for sale goes first ,then house goes next,..... then the wife...then the kids...then the "f"
but never "powerfull pierre"

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